Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Ray Liotta Before and After Photos

Better Start Rayin’

Intense kinda swag. That’s Ray for ya. Goodfella and just an all-around good actor. Dude’s been around for a time, that’s for sure and being the tough guy, he wouldn’t let ya take it away from him, not even at the hands of the age reaper. Did the Rayster get a little knife action? Is he trying his best to keep that career pimpin’ at full speed ahead? Could have but let’s have Ray Liotta plastic surgery tell the story, soulfully and intense just like the man himself.

“Suddenly playing the charming bad guy was my thing.”


Born on December 18, 1954, Ray Liotta was raised by an auto-mechanic father and a homemaker mother. When he came of age, Ray went off to the University of Miami to study acting. Ray used his swag-mallet on some TV exec’s and ended creating his humble beginnings in the daytime soap ‘Another World.’
Not too much further, Ray would land a role in film and it was a pretty hefty break in the movie ‘Something Wild.’ Ray took off at a relatively speedy pace, because that’s what the mad just do baby. Later on it would be a rather small role in a big film that would show the world the Ray of light.
The role was in the 1989 baseball classic ‘Field of Dreams’, and here Liotta played the spirit of Shoeless Joe Jackson, chillin’ out in Kevin Costner’s back yard, the one he likes to call a baseball field. Ray was gold from the release of that film and on…gold baby.
In 1990, his star would grow even brighter, in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Goodfellas’ as a gangster yo. Ray has continued mightily steady, as he has gotten older, things have slowed down a tad but hey dude, he’s pimpin’ out Tequila commercials now dude….what else would a man want?

Surgery Must’ve felt like a Sting Ray

Like a shadow that crept, through the winds and through the trees, the word was like a rush of blood to the head. Ray Liotta at the head of plastic surgery rumors and this was no laughing, this was serious. he knew, they knew it.
Ray looked like a man who was fighting real tough to stay a kid, the skin on his face was ultra-tight, pulled back supremo and a lot of the wrinkles throughout ceased to exist. The knife apparently had a deal he couldn’t refuse. By the seriousness of the change in his face it looks like a facelift was employed and let it be known, not a very good one.
Ray looked kinda strange, after all it’s Ray and the last thing any of us want is for him to be looking strange. It looks like maybe the sides of his face, in the cheek area he might have had some fillers going on in there, in the laugh line area. Rayski looked abnormal and to make it simple, he looked like a 7/10 on the botch scale.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox and Dermal Fillers

Ray of Hope

Ray Liotta plastic surgery looks like it….well, not so well to be real with ya. Poor dude is just prone to skin issues. He had a lifetime of pretty harsh acne scars and no, the dude can’t even get a good knife job. What is a cool dude to do?….What? Ray is still rollin’ cool though, like a dog swaggin’ his tail. Ray needs to buck-up and get his cool/bad self back into the pictures again and make that comeback a Goodfella like him deserves. Go get it Rayster.