Hillary Clinton’s Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Hillary Clinton’s rise and subsequent attempts to bring justice to her name has brought forth a fresh face.  Her thoughts of redemption fueled her race for President of the United States, and surely included leaving “Billary” in the dust.  If any former first lady deserves to do whatever she wants with her body, it’s H.C.  There has been rumors swirling about her for as long as her face has been in the spotlight.  However, the most recent Hillary Clinton Before and After Pictures show a thorough change.

Who is More Unlikeable?  Hillary or Bill?

A recent book about Hillary Clinton and her plastic surgery procedures has the 69 year old former Presidential candidate back in the rumor mills.  The book, Unlikeable, illustrates a scene between Former President Bill Clinton in which Bill “wanted her to get a face-lift.”  He continued his support by adding, “She couldn’t do anything about the calendar, she’d be 69 years old in 2016, but she could do something about the lines and sagging skin on her face.”  Ed Klein, the author, takes us down a plastic surgery road where Hillary received Botox on her wrinkles and lines, had her cheeks lifted, and had work done on her eyes, neck, and forehead all within the confines of her own home.  It’s impossible to ignore the fresh face Hillary brought to the campaign trail while dueling with Donald Trump and Ed Klein tells us why.