Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

Wayne Newton Before and After Photos

Vain Wayne in Serious Pain

It would be pretty safe to say that Mr. Newton is looking a little bit strange these days right? you would agree, to be sure. Dude is a man about town, Las Vegas nights, steam rollin’ his way to the ultimate cool and with a formidable swag no less. He’s the biz, if there ever was one. Wayne Newton plastic surgery takes on the vegas icon, humiliated by the ever close ticking clock that dangerously rides on midnight, age..the knife…fix….please….this is the Newt for crying out loud!

“I don’t really believe in regrets.”


Born on April 3, 1942 in Norfolk, Virginia, Wayne Newton grew up a navy brat but all the moving around didn’t stop him from learning his craft, almost as a toddler he was pimpin’ out those piano keys, one by one, baby. Later on, the executive of cool, moved to Ohio with his parents and it was there where he began to perform his hypnotic stuff for the world to hear..dude was real.
The man was a part of a brothers singing act and they would go around hocking their angelic voices to the nation, but there was just something about the Newt that captivated the….well, dude’s just plain captivating. His inner Wayne Newton started to show and big time acts like George Burns, Lucille ball, Bobby Darin and Jack Benny would tell his swaggy self to join them by opening up their comedy concerts. You should have been there…Wayne, man….the speech-to-the-less.
Well, naturally when you ooze, unfiltered cool like Newton, the icon becomes born and it did so with a fever. He became a recording artist and he then released mega-hits like, “Danke Schoen” and everybodies fave “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.”
To make it simple, Newton went on to score some serious gold records, small roles in film and of course become one of the biggest Las Vegas figure heads of all time. What more can be said? Wayne Newton baby, Wayne freakin’ Newton.
There wasn’t much to say, when Newton surfaced, the boy had been done in by the knife. This wasn’t exactly a news flash, he had been showing severe plastic surgery signals for as long, long time. Newton..Botched.

The Knife and the Strife

When a man resides at the age of 70 or above, there usually is a healthy helping of sag and wrinkles. Wayne looked like a fresh, newborn weirdo, his face was tight, pulled unimaginably back, not to mention that the guy was starting to look like Liberace.
Other things that the public noticed were the changes in his eyelids, they lost the surrounding wrinkles but also they got a more open, stronger appearance to them. Changes were certainly performed on Newton’s eyes.
Also, his forehead got tighter, even his lips showed a prominence that was never there before. The lips were plump and they showed a shape to them that was different than before, more oval and just simply showing tell-tell signs of botox and filler injections.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

Facial Reconstruction

Double Eyelid Surgery

Botox and Dermal Injections

Danke What?

Wayne Newton plastic surgery showed a side of Newton that actually demonstrated a lack of swag. Our boy got warped, tanked, shotty and the cool pumped through his disappeared, just like his wrinkles. Please remember though, he is Wayne Newton and he will return stronger, wiser and more powerful than ever before.



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