Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery

Patti Stanger Before and After Photos

Stanger Than Fiction

A strange world we live in, when a simple matchmaking occupation could fill your bank account with millions, your name with fame and a body full of plastic surgery. Such as the case of Patti Stanger. Not too many so-called celebrities fess up when it comes down to the procedures but Patti Stanger plastic surgery may have said the confession for herself. Do you think that a matchmaking millionaire had a little work done? Or is it a work of fiction? You decide….
This is a woman who has saved the hope for love in many individuals throughout the years and as it sounds like she may have just been trying to save herself as well. The 51 year old matchmaker has been said to have been under the knife, several times to be exact and this outspoken TV star continues to show pride in her cosmetic endeavors.

“If I weren’t a matchmaker, I’d be a chef.”

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

Around the time that Stanger began her new existence as the host of “Millionaire Matchmaker”, she was an attractive woman but let’s face it, miraculously her looks have taken on a new form of hot. Since her fame and her change in appearance, Patti Stanger apparently is loud and proud of her cosmetic decisions and the reason being is, according to her “We’re all getting plastic surgery…Yeah, I’m proud of it, because we’re all doing it”, therefore it is the cool and hip thing to do.It’s good when a girl likes to keep up with the latest trends with celebrities and fashion, it is normally a girl type of thing….sorry, that was actually meant to say 51 year old woman thing.
The legend began in 2008, when stanger took on the work of a breast reduction, taking her from a 36DD to a 34C. The procedure was apparently done at the hands of one of her fellow reality show alumni member, Dr. Gary Motykie. Later on in 2011, Stanger had admitted to getting an eye lift and Botox completed.
In more recent times, she has been showing some pretty aggressive signs of weight loss. Apparently it was simply a matter of choice as she said ”It’s not easy to date when you’re hefty.” It is pretty tough to resist a woman with such bold and intelligent statements, really. She may best be suit for intelligence work for the United States or something.

Beach Bum

Very recently, Stanger was seen showing off that new hot bod at the beach as she sported a bikini for the cameras. We need to face the facts about something, her sudden weight loss doesn’t look like the work of nature and a good diet, it looks like the work of a surgeon but pointing fingers is rude, correct? So its hard to pass judgment when there are no facts.

The Knife Points:The Procedure checklist

  • Breast Reduction
  • Botox
  • Possible Liposuction

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You….Stranger!

Patti Stanger plastic surgery is all about a girl who just wanted to have a little fun. wouldn’t you say? Surely you agree. If she did in fact get some work done than a big congrats to her as it actually looks pretty darned good. We say, continue on building the love lives of the world Patti, we thank you and we put officially you on a pedestal.