Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

Rene Russo Before and After Photos

Say Rene

The bright lights use to scream “Renee Russo!.” She used to be a star, a legend…in the 90’s of course. She had the looks of a model and yet, the woman could act up a storm, swirling through the dialogue and right through the screen, straight back at us. She probably wonders though, if she could have just stayed a little longer…the limelight was so warm and bright. Rene Russo plastic surgery tells us a sweet little story of an A-list actress and the woman that she is now, join us, won’t you?

“I was never the kind of person who cared much what people thought about me.”


Born on February 17, 1954, Rene Russo, the fab-tastic movie star, grew up in Burbank, California. Everything began for her in 1972, when she decided to take the modeling world by storm. By chance though, all by chance. She just happened to be attending a Rolling Stones concert when a talent scout approached her and gave her the keys to her career, she was that hot.
She began modeling for the Ford Agency, with whom she kept a pretty steady thing going. It wasn’t until 1986 that her modeling broke her through the mold and into acting, landing a role in the TV show, “Sable.” The heat would really turned up in 1993, when she got a huge film role in the movie, “Lethal Weapon 3.”
Since then, her career really took off and she saw a ton of limelight. Since the time of around 2009, things certainly have come down a notch for Russo but, when a gal in Hollywood starts approaching 60, things just have a way of slowing down. She still works, just not on the same vibrant caliber that she once employed.

An Encore in Thor

In 2011 though, she got the call to be in the new, mega-blockbuster hit, “Thor” and it was then when the people noticed a pretty qeustionable change in Rene Russo’s appearance. They noticed a younger, brighter face then the one that was slowly on the decline just a few years prior.
Through the curiosity of the people, they wondered if she may have had a little plastic surgery rendezvous and with that, the word spread around like a mad wind, getting right back to Russo. Russo never denied anything but she never gave the public those words that they so desperately wanted to hear, being the little gossip mongers that they are. She simply attributed her sexy, youthful looks to a great diet and exercising 20 minutes a day but she did happen to mention the “B” word, Botox, very little though.
Her newer look also appears like she may have had some work done on her chin, there has definitely been a serious elimination of wrinkles. There is a new sculpted appearance though, which a lift seems to have been possibly utilized as well.
A few people on the inside of the entertainment biz have also pointed out that her face as a whole looks like it may have gotten some work done but they are still on the fence about it because in different pictures and at different events, her face seems to alter from time to time.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Chin Lift (speculative)
  • Facial Reconstruction (speculative)

A New Day for Rene

Did she? Didn’t she…that is the question. Rene Russo plastic surgery would seem to be the kind of fare that would raise eyebrows. She does really look like she got some relatively serious work done but at the same time her skin does have an all-natural look to it. What do you think? The opinions fly, speculate through the rumor mills all across Tinseltown out in the end it has got to be Renee who drops us the bomb.