Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery

Lisa Kudrow Before and After Photos

You can consider her a friend and you can also consider her a heck of a comedic actress as well. Not only is she funny and has a keen sense of timing but she is indeed a beauty, who always seemed to be undermined by both her female co-stars on the show which made her famous “Friends.” Lisa Kudrow though, is now 51 years of age and even though her beauty was always undermined, it no doubt played a role in her overall image. Is this the reason that Lisa Kudrow plastic surgery may have taken place? Let’s go see…

“My hair got lighter, and I gradually went blonde. I liked it. Had more fun. But my image of myself in my head is this dark-haired person.”

Born in Los Angeles in 1963, Lisa Kudrow slowly built up a wonderful career on the small screen and she also did a few good projects on the big screen as well but her role on Friends is teetering on the iconic, if it hasn’t gotten there already. Some people within the entertainment community have been talking a tad concerning Mrs. Kudrow and they ponder if she may very well have pursued and utilized the wonders of plastic surgery in order to stave off the unfortunate reality of aging, especially aging in Tinseltown.

Old School Procedures

Kudrow has admitted for certain that she had used the beauty enhancing procedures when she was a teenager, she credits her life in the vainentric L.A. as the central reason why. She also cited that she has no regrets and is very happy that she did use the service and that it has indeed been a beneficial aspect of her life.

Most celebrities as a whole typically aren’t as candid regarding the mostly taboo endeavor but she is obviously comfortable in her own skin. For most, even the general public, it is usually a matter of a “secret” and one that they typically keep under wraps.

Kudrow played the airhead, screwball “Phoebe” on her show Friends but she is anything but and even though she may have utilized cosmetic surgery, that isn’t her to fall into the stereotype of the average recipient of the craft. Apparently though, she did in fact have some awkward years when she was growing up with her appearance and that is what appears to be the reason that she did get the work done.

No Evidence of Current Procedures

Whether or not Kudrow has gotten plastic surgery in this current time frame is disputable but according to her, what she had done when she was a teenager should make up for a whole lifetime…or two. She notes a rhinoplasty and a chin lift as the procedures in which she had taken up and judging by her appearance today, they both obviously went well.

If Kudrow would have indeed employed the prospect of surgery, it would seem that her selections would ultimately go to Botox or maybe some Juvederm treatments. Her look now doesn’t beckon even the slightest of procedures.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty (Both done in high school)
  • Chin Lift

She’ll Be There For You

Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery may have been of the outdated sort but it comes with great ease to say that the work which was done on Kudrow is timeless, just like the woman herself. If she does decide to seek out some sort of cosmetic endeavor, it is more than likely that she won’t be needing very much.