Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery

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One of the sexiest television actresses to come out in some time, Lisa Rinna has a solid thing going on with her combo of looks and talent. On top of her years as a respected and busy actress, her high-profile marriage to Harry Hamlin has partially kept her name in the media. Lately however, several people have wondered if she has had any cosmetic work done. Many entertainment host have made comments, especially social media platforms have voiced their opinions on Lisa Rinna plastic surgery rumors.

“I never had a career before I had the lips, so my lips have had their own career!”

Lisa Rinna has made her name on the merits of her “Days of Our Lives” role, Billie Reed and because it had captivated audiences worldwide, thats when the true celebrity of Rinna had finally appeared. Her age has been slowly and steadily rising and when she made her way to the neighborhood of “Melrose Place”, she couldn’t help but hit mega-stardom. Other items have brought Rinna’s name to the front of the line, plastic surgery is the item in question.

Plastic surgery is what seems to be a rite of passage and Rinner looks to have walk down that passage but she apparently wasn’t too pleased of what she had done. By the looks of it, she made a great point because the look she had acquired looked to have an over-the-top, blatant look to the procedure.

When Rinner made her debut on Melrose Place, her stardom did skyrocket and with that stardom came the rumor mill and her face was thrown onto several publications and websites. A lot of the attention didn’t have to only do with her surgery but the nature of it. The surgery in question was a Rhinoplasty and this particular Rhinoplasty had a botched look all around.

Re-Do’s…Nothin Doin’

Over the years she has made several modifications to her nose but even after all the extra work, evidence of the original is still present. She also began to acquire more surgeries and because of the negative publicity she received, the reactions were more than double surrounding these latest efforts.

The whole thing was simply tough on her, right as her career began to take off, she had a one of the biggest drawbacks one could suffer in such a vanity obsessed profession that is surrounded by camera, media and curiosity. The fact that she made an appointment to enhance her look but came out frustrated and disappointed is a painful thing no doubt.

Her lips have been at the head of controversy as well, she had Botox injections put into them and it came out looking like a case which bordered on another botched procedure but not quite in the same degree as the Rhinoplasty.

No Luck the Second Time

The look of her lips had that doubled-up inflamed look that is not only unappealing but it shouts the use of Botox and even though the procedure is common, the use of it as with any plastic surgery is something of the taboo nature. Luckily when it comes to Botox, the results wear off with time.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox Injections

Maybe Next Time

Lisa Rinna plastic surgery was a bummer on all accounts and the poor actress probably has a bad taste in her mouth when there is any regard towards the subject of cosmetic surgery. Hopefully if she does ever decide to try the outlet of youth once more that things will head in the more orthodox direction, because for the most part luck is usually on the side of the patient even though apparently, lightning did strike twice for her.