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If legends were born from employing their talents on the various soap operas, there wouldn’t be a few too many who would ever spring to mind. That’s not to say that there wouldn’t be though, because if one was to spring into the mind, it would no doubt be, Leslie Charleson. The style of acting and the solid set of skills which she used for every episode that she ever appeared, was simply brilliant and even awe inspiring at times. Leslie Charleson plastic surgery may be a more awe inspiring moment and what was her illness that soon followed.

A Little Background

On the 22nd of February 1945, Leslie Charleson was born in Kansas, Missouri. Her stellar career began in the year 1964, when she gave her talents to an up and coming soap opera titled “A Flame in the World.” Popularity never quite caught on to the show but there was something for which was caught on the show and that was the instantly defining talent of Charleston. In speaking of defining, her career defining moment would come in the form of her role as Dr. Monica in the mega-classic,“General Hospital”, which continues to this day and she is as ever bit as mystifying as when she first graced the small screen, so many years back.

Charleson has a beauty which made it for the long haul, her pace in aging was pretty astounding and by the looks of it, she never once had the look of any type of cosmetic surgery and it was that type of element for which made her so unique. Outlets in the media and none other than those which cover the soap opera circuit had sent photos of Charleston to soap opera blogger, who snatched the photos with the utmost haste and then plastered them all over his site, which of course led to many more, as it usually does.

The photos had shown Leslie Charleston’s most recent look, as it was hers and everybody’s first day back on the show from the yearly hiatus. Her face was just downright strange, so strange in fact that whatever was affecting it had dropped down into the region of her mouth, which let off a slight slurring in her speech which threw everybody in the vicinity off.

No Ill Will

Her odd and borderline sickly behaviour had apparently been from the bad side effects of plastic surgery. It was then reported that she was in great health leading up to the surgery and that there was no such known underlying illness.

The effects of the surgery and the way it affected Charleson, alarmed fans all over the country and it had also grabbed the attention of the media, which really isn’t that much of a feat to accomplish. The attention however had given Charleson a sense of duty to make a public appearance and it set the record straight. The underlying cause of the illness appeared to be a bad reaction to Botox, which apparently was undetected prior to her procedure but the reaction has present itself in several other individuals in the past and on occasions they can become moderately to severely ill.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

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Botox Sick

Leslie Charleson plastic surgery looked to be a queasy undertaking, as to which she may think about heading in a different direction when it comes to applying fillers next time, maybe like a restylane, which might very well do the trick. Charleson did recover quickly and everything seems to be doing wonderfully for her and her career on the show.