Katrina Kaif plastic surgery

Katrina Kaif Before and After Photos

Katrina, famous for her extraordinary work in Bollywood films, has been speculated to be among the many famous celebrities who have gone under the knife a time or two to perfect their physical features. Katrina may deny these claims, but the evidence lies in the photos. There are a few significant changes to her looks that undeniably show she had a little work done here and there.

This gorgeous British Indian Bollywood actress was born in Hong Kong in July 1983. Her original name was Katrina Turquotte (from her mother’s side) but she later changed her last name to Kaif, after her father, despite his absence in her life. Katrina believed Kaif was easier to pronounce than Turquotte. The actress had been a model for several years before breaking into Indian movies with Boom (2003) as her first debut, although it was not a success. However, her fame in the Indian film industry grew when she featured in a popular 2004 film called Malliswara, which earned instant commercial success. Since then, she has had several roles in films inside and outside Bollywood.

“For me, physical beauty is never the reason for attraction to anyone.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

There have been rumored speculations that Katrina has had a few plastic surgeries done on her nose, lips and cheeks. Although she does not admit to the rumors, critics say there has been a major difference when looking at her before-and-after photos. Her lips seem fuller than before, creating a more attractive appearance and her nose is smaller and pointier. Katrina has been known for her natural good looks way before she became a Bollywood star. Her modeling career is evidence of her beauty while strutting down the catwalk and posing for exquisite photos. This could be one of the reasons she would not admit to the plastic surgery speculations as she has always been viewed as one of the most naturally beautiful actresses in the Bollywood scene and Europe.

The Facials

Comparing earlier pictures of Katrina with the more recent ones, you will notice a difference in her nose. Speculations of a nose job came about after her nose appeared smaller and had a better shape making her face even more attractive.

Also, Katrina’s lips look fuller than they were before, which have been speculated to have undergone a Botox treatment. The lip Botox treatment was evident in a Mango Slice ad she did that created an emphasis on the fuller lips.

Katrina’s Reaction to The Rumors

Katrina denied allegations of having plastic surgery done to her face to improve her features. She claimed the reports were untrue and inaccurate, especially about her lips, saying that the lip job claims were a ridiculous rumor. However, she does not say anything about her different nose or cheeks. I guess people will have to make their own conclusions once they see the star’s pictures before and after any ‘work’ was done on her face.

Surgery Results

Although Katrina has always been a beautiful lady, her face used to be rectangular, her nose a little larger and lips a bit smaller. More recent pictures show the star has a more feminine face with a smaller, pointier nose and fuller lips. These enhanced features have contributed to her overall looks making her appear even more beautiful. There is no denying Katrina had a little work done on her face.