Katey Sagal plastic surgery

Katey Sagal Before and After Photos

Katey Sagal is a superstar American actress and Musician. Born in January 1954, she has starred in numerous movies and TV series in a career spanning over two decades.
Katey started out as a singer, doing background vocals for Bob Dylan, and later Tanya Baker, being part of a music group called “The Group with No Name”. She had a fairly successful music career, at one time doing the soundtrack theme for the movie: “Sons of Anarchy”.
Katey is currently in her third marriage, with Kutt Sutter. She has been married twice before to Freddie Beckmeier and Jack White respectively. Apart from the two children she has from her previous marriage with Jack White, Katey has one daughter with current husband Kutt Sutter.

“We all have that desire to be kind of wild and bad.”

Plastic Surgery Rumors

With many people talking about celebrity plastic surgery, Katey Sagal has not been spared from the rumors. According to experts on issues regarding cosmetic surgery, there is good reason to suspect her. Her face seems to have changed a lot recently, in terms of skin tone as well as the spark in her expression. Quite a few suggestions have been made by speculators on the type of surgeries she might have done.

The Facials

The first one is a Botox procedure. It is possible that Katey might have undergone Botox injections to smooth out any creases and wrinkles from her face. A Botox injection is considered a more mild cosmetic surgery compared to some others like augmentations, which are more aggressive.
Along with the Botox, there seems to be a possibility that Katey may have done a facelift operation. Essentially, a facelift procedure is done to tighten the skin on the face, especially an ageing face with sagging skin. It is presumed that at her age, wrinkles and Sagging of the skin is inevitable, and that she just had to do the facelift to maintain her looks.
Although there is more speculation on a possible eyelid lift surgery, it has been conceded that that might just be the use of make-up, making her eyes to appear wider and brighter.

Katey’s Silence on Plastic Surgery

Like many celebrities who have been suspected of plastic surgery, Katey Sagal has not come out in public to either confirm or deny the rumors about what makes her look the way she does. Of course the silence has been interpreted differently by many people, some who think it means that the rumors are probably true. But until she comes out to confess that she really did go “under the knife” to save herself from ageing, the rumors will remain just that: Rumors.

Cosmetic Results

There is no question that Katey’s looks have changed a lot. Her face looks younger and more expressive. She certainly does not look like the average 50-plus year-old. Her eyebrows seem larger and very beautifully so; showing an active and youthful expression. The facial skin is flawlessly smooth and nourished. There is no trace of any creases on her skin, or any signs of frown wrinkles that are characteristic of an ageing face. Indeed she looks very young for her age, and if it is as a result of cosmetic surgery, then we can say that it went very well for her.