vanessa marcil plastic surgery

Vanessa Marcil Before and After Photos

Vanessa Marcil is an American actress. She was born on October 15th, 1968 in California. She is a mixture of Mexican blood from her father´s side; and French, Italian and Portuguese blood from her mother´s side.
After several small roles, she made a breakthrough as Brenda Barrett on a popular soap opera General Hospital. She played in several movies and serials, and her most famous roles are in Beverly Hills, 90210 and NYPD Blue. She was married twice, to Corey Feldman and Carmine Giovanazzo and have a son from a relationship with Brian Austin Green. Her photos are often published in different male magazines, and she was on a few lists of the most beautiful and hottest female celebrities.

“I don’t get this whole super-skinny obsession. I really think women look more beautiful when they let their curves show. ”

Is Her Look All Natural?

Vanessa always claims her look is natural, but if you look carefully her photos from a couple of years ago to a more updated photos, I am sure you will wonder if it’s true. Time goes backward for no one and Vanessa looks like that happens to her, which should make anyone suspicious.

What Happened to Her Body?

Vanessa Marcil always had a great body, but lately, some obvious changes are definitely shown in her looks. First of all, there is no doubt her breasts look bigger and firmer today than they used to. Since they still looks very natural and the change is not drastic at all, we can only guess it is not her Wonderbra, but a result of a very good surgeon´s work. Her figure was always great and this made it even better.

What About Her Face?

When it seems she had a rhinoplasty, which made her nose sharper, and with a narrower nasal bridge. Also, her skin is all smooth with no wrinkles, which leads us to another suspect: filler injections. Filler injections are injected under the skin to fill space and reduce aging signs. Another suspect is Botox, which has similar results as a filler injections. This procedure have a nasty side-effect it is used in excessive amount or if it is not used properly. Since Vanessa´s facial expression looks very natural, we can only compliment her surgeon again.

How Does She Look Now?

Final verdict would definitely be positive. It is a fact that Vanessa never admitted any plastic surgery. As most stars who are trying to hide the facts, she usually talks about good genes and a proper care, but this excuse has been used so many times that no one will believe them even if they are true. Logic says that if you are 46, and there is not a single wrinkle on your face, there is a big chance you had some help on the way. The good thing about her alleged procedures is that they didn’t change her looks drastically. All changes are very subtle, and you can only guess if she did it or not. The most important is that she looks as good as she used to, or even better.