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Jennifer Hawkins Before and After Photos

Everybody is Gawkin at Jennifer Hawkins

How do celebrities weave their way out of plastic surgery rumors? They can come from the internet, print and even television? Sometimes the accused have to take the bull by the horns and face the music against the original sources that created this little moment in time that causes them so much pain. Some can also pull out their checkbooks and buy their peace and freedoms. Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery goes something along the lines of such a foundation.

“My life since Miss Universe has been changed a lot. have grown so much as a result of my travels and all my work with HIV/AIDS programs. I’m incredibly grateful for the things I’ve experienced.”

She has always had what people would consider a calm personality and a demeanor that has always been naturally agreeable. Speculations however, began all the way in her land down under birthplace of Australia. It was her cool and swagger that has continued to pave the road for her and always keep her balance emotionally.

A Talent with Inner Virtues

In the world of celebrities and movie stars, having the wonders of great looks and talent have a way of sticking together, usually as a single unit. This bond of qualities couldn’t be more cohesive, as it is with Jennifer. She has proved her worth and talent a million times over and this inner virtue of hers is what not only brought her to the stage of Miss.Universe Australia in 2004, for many beautiful young woman, this stage is the ultimate peak in their young lives.

Hawkins bid at becoming Miss. Universe had thrown her into a little bit of a celebrity and as her status began to escalate, so were the unwanted comments, that originally brewed virally, through the fingertips of a some bitter blogging machine, who heatedly threw derogatory slurs at he simply because of the obvious plastic surgeries she had undergone. The before and afters pics were enough for even the slightest of cynical minds to begin a devastating tirade and a darker chapter of Hawkins life.

Squawkin at the Hawkins

Many views were insistent that she had her chin, eyes and lips worked on and unfortunately judging by her photos, you honestly hate to agree with them but it was rather tough not to. There were others who threw the Botox and filler card at her and even at the height of issue, there were a few critics who believed she might have stepped over the threshold and into plastic surgery addict country.

If Jennifer had a unique way about her it was her calmness and perseverance that got her through the dark times. In the background, there were individuals who supported Jennifer, quietly but steadfast nonetheless. These people believe that obtaining the work of plastic surgery is a natural freedom and a birthright if that is what she wants to do with her body, then by all means.

Some good, Some Bad

Hawkins’ chin had shown a tightness all around, in some areas that look almost giving off a sort of leather quality to it, not very attractive and but must be notably, it was only found in a few particular patches of skin. Her lips had the clear signs of Botox, exhibiting a synthetic puffiness commonly associated with the substance. The overall look of her lips were totally altered to meet a particular look she was obviously after, one would seem.

Her eyes appeared like they were done with a relative amount of precision and skill. They were given the more cliche “cat eyes” look and if ws indeed her goal. then she scored herself a victory on that particular procedure.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Chin Augmentation

Miss. Australia Forever Man

Jrnnifer Hawkins plastic surgery wasn’t exactly a clinic on what the best example is in the field, wasn’t the worst however. Hopefully things have cooled down for her in that area of her life that had to deal with all the negativity from outside sources. No matter what, she still is going to have a great future ahead of her.