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Grey’s Anatomy

For a window of time, she was the queen of the 80’s. That was the baby, oh, and whatever you do, don’t put her in the corner. Jennifer Grey’s imaged will always be associated with the late, great Patrick Swayze in the legendary 1987 film, “Dirty Dancing”, and that right there alone will seal a legacy regardless of how much time flees away from the film. The unfortunate side, is that one of her unique qualities which separated her from the others was her nose and as her star began to lower more towards life as a civilian, is the moment when she decided to take action and in her mind enable a career saving Rhinoplasty and all would be well. Jennifer Grey plastic surgery can inform us of the rest.

“I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognises because of a nose job.”

Jennifer Grey was the kind of star that blazed on high and in turn created an impact with an unconventional looked that grab the people by surprise and the star was born. Her films in the aforementioned Dirt Dancing and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, made her an overnight sensation with the tween crowd of the late 80’s. She continued to keep steadily busy for quite the while until things slowly came to a ceasing point. She still remains active through different television shows and events.

Grey Expectations

The speculations went off without a hitch because Grey’s nose was her bread and butter. It was the trademark that helped gift her a career amongst the ocean of blonde, artificial beauties that haunt the streets of Tinseltown. So when Grey showed up at a Hollywood event on one particular evening, the crowd could deny that grandiose change that had presented itself.

When one puts two-and-two together, they would then associate Grey’s career heights with the time that her nose was at it’s most prominent. Typically, 99.9% of the actresses wouldn’t fare that well with a quote unquote “physical disposition”, but for Grey it worked like a charm. When her new nose appeared on the scene, the work wasn’t exactly superb but it wasn’t awful either but this however was the supposed catalyst in the decline of grey’s career as it stands.

Most Famous Nose in the World

When all of the buzz had taken place over Grey’s Rhinoplasty, the tabloids ran amok. The blogging world had quite the heyday as well. Several publicist stated that Jennifer Grey had ruined her identity and that the act itself was the downward turning point of her career. The people couldn’t get enough of her story, they simply wanted more.

The actual changes to her nose were mainly in the bridge area and the mid-section of her nostrils. The narrowed bridge didn’t match the dimensions of the base and her nostril area. The job at hand wasn’t a botch by any means but it wasn’t a perfect specimen either and with a famous nose like hers, people were bound to pick at it.

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Grey Matters

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery was one of the more well know works done in recent years, a lot due to her nose’s own celebrity status. In many opinions, it is stated that the Rhinoplasty really didn’t have a whole lot to do with her career woes and the truth factor is that her career decline was already in progress despite the cosmetic work. Regardless, her image with the King Swayze will go down in cinematic history, bar-none.