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Jessica Alba Before and After Photos

Jessica’s Alibi

A modern day screen siren, Jessica Alba had dazzled the public through the small screen and then brightly onto the silver screen. Having started only at the age of 13, Alba’s beauty and radiance has captured the attention of the world and it also helped make a case for its involvement in the irregular heartbeats in men all across the world. Alba is still quite young, in the scheme of things and certainly she would seem to young and beautiful to ever require the assistance of cosmetic surgery. We are hearing a different side to the story as there’s word that jessica alba plastic surgery just may be a tale of non-fiction instead of the rumor mills fables of fabrication.

“I don’t like being the center of attention.”

Jessica Alba could be considered influential at this point in her career. She has been voted the sexiest woman in a variety publications, one of them getting a top spot in People magazine’s most beautiful people issue. Even though Alba is a relatively young women, her character type and celebrity persona fits the tween genre, so in those regards she might be getting a little long in the tooth. These thoughts may have consumed her, along with the pressures from the people running the business aspect of her career.

Negativity From the Public

There it was, the rumor mill, spinning in all it’s glory and the wind of which it blew, headed right towards Alba. There were a few alterations that couldn’t be ignored and the people wanted to know as much as they possibly could. Her before and afters began to show up as a result of the negative publicity, it was everywhere and anywhere.

The first issue to come to the forefront was her nose and the various changes of which had taken place. There was a narrowness and the bridge and the nostril area showed the kind of changes that the people usually question. The way it sloped was a lot different and the flair that she use to have was thinned out quite a bit. These assumptions are surely not without merit but the actuality is another story.

That’s the Breast of the Story

Her breast came into the picture around the same time as her nose and by looking at the befores and afters, especially in this area of the body, there really is a vastly difference in size. The cup difference is hard to call but you can clearly see a change in the volume by a stretch.

There is one little detail that might impose a problem in the allegations and that is the reality that Alba did in fact become a mother in the last couple of years which would obviously play a part in the reason for which her bosom has increased as much as it has, debunking the augmentation theory, only partly.

There are a few well known Hollywood surgeons who have placed their two cents into the idea that Alba’s surgery is of fact. They pointed out in a few more revealing photos that the roundness of her breast is an element that only comes from an augmentation. There is however, an equal amount of specialist on the other side of the coin who firmly believe, judging by her pics that it is all a product of motherhood.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty

The Alba-Tross Flies Again!

Jessica Alba plastic surgery, as far as her nose is concerned, looks like it could have very well taken place as many are to believe. Her breast increase looks to honestly be a matter of fiction and of baseless speculation. Even when the so-called professional surgeon cite their opinion, there are several times when the motivation of their presence in the matter could be sparked by wrongdoing or the element of money unfortunately makes its way into the picture.




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