Jenna Dewan plastic suregry

Jenna Dewan Before and After Photos

If the name Jenna Dewan doesn’t sound familiar, she’s the girl Nora from Step Up, the absolutely amazing dancer who drove everyone crazy. Though she first started her career as a backup dancer, now she has moved up and made a name for her own. You may have also seen her in the series American Horror Story: Asylum. Another important fact about her: she’s married to the incredibly handsome Channing Tatum. Another fun fact about her: Jenna is an animal rights activist and a vegetarian as well. Maybe that is the reason she does have a great body, though she is thought to have gone through plastic surgery to tinker with her appearance a little.

“Ladies, please remember that every single picture you see in a magazine is airbrushed…we do not look like that. Love yourself!”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

There is wide ranging speculations about whether Jenna Dewan did actually get plastic surgery, as fans and critiques debate over whether she is naturally pretty or needs some surgical enhancement to be perfect. There are raging debates on public forums over whether the tip of her nose appears narrower than it had been, and whether her face seems leaner, cheeks more puffy than before. A look through her old yearbook photo shows that there in fact has been a marked difference in the way she looks. All signs point to a possible rhinoplasty, likely to be paired with some cheek implant.

Jenna Dewan Nose Job

Fans seem to be pretty divided over whether the sharpening of the tip of her nose is a product of natural ageing or whether she get surgery. No confirmation from the actor herself has only lent to the air of mystery that surrounds her. In one internet forum, a fan asks whether she looks any different, while another responds ‘We know so little about Jenna’. Then again, some people claim that the change in her nose is only normal, and that she has aged 10 years since her yearbook photo. Her nose has gone from being broad and rounded to being sharp and thin, especially around the bridge.

Boob Job or Not?

Along with her nose job and cheek augmentation, fans also claim that her breasts look fuller and bigger than they used to. It is quite possible that her breasts too are a result of time, or maybe a new penchant for push-up bras. After all, she has had a kid since she was just starting out in Step Up. Though her cheek implants are debated, everyone more or less seems to agree on her breast augmentation surgery. No one can really deny it makes her look much more attractive now.

Final Verdict

So let’s consider the reason fans are so reluctant to admit that she might have had plastic surgery – she looks as gorgeous as she always did. Everyone expects a drastic change in looks after surgery, except with Jenna, the surprise is that a pretty woman just got even better looking. With her new physical enhancements, especially the cheek implants that add color to her face, Jenna looks ten years younger, healthier and much more robust.