joan rivers plastic surgery

Everybody Loves Joan

She is a legend. She will always be fondly remembered. The recent death of the comedy icon has rest assured those two ideas as fact. Even as her appearance kept getting more odd, nothing could derail the publics view and with this never wavering respect, Joan Rivers legacy will always be remembered. The face of Joan Rivers before plastic surgery is the one likely to fade away from the history books.
A blatantly self-confessed addict of plastic surgery, Rivers has admitted to over 700 operations. As testament to artificial preservation, She was once quoted as saying ” I believe in plastic surgery” and just by even the quickest of glimpses at her, you can’t help but believe her. In the span of those 700 surgeries she had numerous nose jobs, a ton of botox injections, an eye tuck, a few face lifts and liposuction. We have to be talking cosmetic surgery world records right? Rivers had a life before the knife and quite the sprawling career too. Nearly half of that career was spent prior to any work being done.

“I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware.”

Birth of A Funny Girl, To The Career of A Star

Joan Alexandra Molinsky made her first appearance in the world on June 8, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York. The daughter of Russian immigrants, her entire youth was spent in Brooklyn until she went on to attend Connecticut College eventually graduating from Barnard College with B.A. in 1954. Later on, her love of the comedic arts found her performing her own brand of comedy in several nightclubs in Greenwich Village. These early steps lead to a star turning appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Soon after she made several different appearances for The Ed Sullivan Show, Candid Camera and others,slowly cementing the foundation of the celebrity we know today.

Appearing in a manic amount of talk shows, variety shows, movies, her own reality TV series and stand-up routines, Rivers household name was carved and the public loved her. That sassy and brash demeanor, husky voice with a self-deprecating joke-a-minute personality in which made her famous, should ultimately prove enduring in a Hollywood who’s revolving door/factory belt of names and faces usually proves otherwise.

Joan’s Sudden Youthful Appearance Spurs Questions

In 1965, those prying and occasionally sadistic eyes of the media set their very first glimpse on a post plastic surgery Rivers, which lead to speculations and questions as they are so infamously known to do. The rumor mill wheel spun at an even more dizzying speed after an appearance on The Tonight Show. Johnny Carson more than likely spared his old friend any negative banter because with that alarmingly sudden change of face, her youthful transformation might just even get the attention of a blind man.

Maybe One Too Many

One more surgery led to another and as she continued this addiction of youth and beauty, her ritualistic routine under the knife landed herself in the jurisdiction of obsession. Another quote from the legend states “cosmetic surgery is like coffee, you always keep going back for more”.
The results of her surgeries early on were actually quite flawless but as she kept thinning her nose then raising the tip of it, her overall natural appearance declined rapidly. She has claimed to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on surgeries. The nose job, commonly known as a Rhinoplasty, gave bad results likely due to an unsatisfactory work. The Botox and facelift can give the individual a fresh start with a smooth and youthful glow but just like how everything in life is, the more you repeat certain actions, it primes up the cause and effect which usually ends with consequence. In Joan’s case she became a physical oddity and a farce of cosmetic addiction but the woman’s talent and charms made way to adoration and that adoration staved off public isolation and shame.The Joan Rivers before plastic surgery was funny but her unique looks eventually became somewhat of a prop and it’s the Joan Rivers after surgery that made us laugh even harder.