Meg Ryan plastic surgery

Meg Ryan Before and After Photos

Meg Ryan is an American actress and producer. She was born on November 19th, 1961. in Fairfield in Connecticut. During the study of journalism she acted in commercials to earn the allowance. She started acting career with small roles, until breakthrough in When Harry Met Sally. Since that she has built an acting career mostly playing roles in romantic comedies, but she also played several well accepted dramatic roles. Although she was nominated for several awards such as Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award or MTV Movie Award, she never received any significant award. She was married to actor Dennis Quaid, and they have a son. After mutual accusations of infidelity, they separated. She had several relationships after that, and she adopted a Chinese girl.

“It would be really great if people would realize that stars are only people with the same weaknesses and flaws, not immaculate idols.”

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Meg Ryan built a career on her girl next door looks, which was perfect for the romantic comedies she played in. Her blond hair and blue eyes, along with natural beauty and a radiant smile made her popular and loved. However, time stops for no one, and Meg is approaching her 53rd birthday and the changes on Ryan´s face are pretty obvious.

What Did She Really Do?

There is no need to be an expert to notice something is wrong in this picture. Meg Ryan looks nothing like she used to. First, her lips are far too big for her face. Now she has that well known duck look without trying. Second, there is no way that woman in her age can have that smooth, wrinkles free forehead. She probably had some Botox and maybe eyebrow lift surgery, or even a face-lift procedure. And finally, a small change in her nose is also shown.

What Meg Has to Say?

Nothing. Meg Ryan never commented on possible plastic surgery, but there is really no need to do that. This is a perfect example of an old saying that one picture is worth a thousand words. Just look her before and after photos, and you’ll notice what I am talking about. No doubt many things can go wrong when you are going under the knife. We will probably never know what went wrong here, but something definitely did.