Jared Padalecki Nose Job

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Jared Padalecki Nose Job – Before and After Photos

There are many up-and-coming actors today but none as talented and versatile as Jared Padalecki. He exudes a quality and a confidence which is found few and far between, and in the hit television show “Supernatural” you can see just why it is so. The actor is no doubt considered a heartthrob, and his looks are primarily his strong suit, so it comes as no surprise that Jared Padalecki’s nose job hit the net with little surprise. However, it is still a popular story, with the rumor mill continuing to spin in regards to the information surrounding it.

“I’m a little self-conscious about my body. I love to wear hoodies because you can get cozy and eat some food and your belly doesn’t show!”

Padalecki started in the early 2000’s in the hit show “Gilmore Girls” and he has also demonstrated a great performance in the film “House of Wax”. His role as the ghost breaking hero Sam Winchester in Supernatural is what has won the actor acclaim and what continues to draw in many fans from around the world.

Clear Changes in the Nose

Before and after pic’s continue to hit the net and what they show are signs of definite alterations to the nose of the actor. His earlier photo’s show a nose in which it displayed slight bulbous characteristics, with nostrils that were much wider than what the latest pics have been showing.

Many of his fans have been standing by his side, stating that the actor has never even came within an arm’s length of a surgeon’s knife. However, many trained eyes within the industry have clearly stated time and time again that Padalecki has most certainly obtained a rhinoplasty and the results are just simply hard to deny.

Noticeable Nose Bump Removed

The definition in which his nose now has is pretty spectacular when you really examine it, the work done is some of the best seen in quite sometime, especially for someone within his age bracket. The actor has always had a bit of a bump at the very top of his nose’s bridge, which has been lowered considerably, revealing more of why the Padalecki sought the procedure to begin with.

There has still to have yet to have been any word from him, his agent or any of the studio’s regarding his speculated rhinoplasty.The actor has literally been followed around Hollywood by paparazzi, perpetually being hounded about his speculated procedure, but as of yet, not a word has been uttered about it.

It seems surprising that somebody so young would receive plastic surgery, but today it is becoming common practice. If you can take away the subtle flaws of the face or body away to reveal the stunning beauty which everybody loves about them, that is why you obtain particular procedures.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty

Continued Star-Power

Jared Padalecki’s nose job is a simple, regular occurrence of a television star looking to increase his assets in order to achieve the greatest results in his career. His new look will ensure that when Supernatural has completed it’s last show, he will still have the star-power and the look to make certain that he will be on top of his game and continue what he does very best.



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