John Stamos Plastic Surgery

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 John Stamos Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

John Stamos is an American actor and musician famous for his major roles in award winning TV series’ such as the hit Full House and the recent Necessary Roughness. Together, with numerous other movies, he played the leading role the majority of the time. The actor’s popularity took off with him bagging the “Most Exciting New Actor” Soapy award in 1982. John Stamos is also well known for his stints in the music industry, especially for having released his debut album named Shades of Blue, where he sang the Independence Day song. The several years of his acting and music career have however not seen him change much in terms of physical appearance. The actor does not seem to be aging, unlike his counterparts of the same age bracket, given that this is the age where signs of aging such as wrinkles start to show up.

“I’m finally looking older and inviting my wrinkles.”

John Stamos plastic surgery speculations

The star has maintained a fresh and youthful look uncommon with people of the same age. The 52 year old actor, musician, and spokesperson for Project Cuddle, is one of the few celebrities who have been termed to be aging “gracefully”. His ever youthful look is probably the main reason behind the speculations on his plastic surgery. Sources of these rumors claim that the star had a nose job and Botox injection to enhance his youthful look.

Nose job and Botox claims

Sources of these speculations suggest that John Stamos’s nose has transformed significantly after he had the nose job. With reference to the before and after pictures, John Stamos’s nose appeared more pointed as compared to his nose several years ago. A claim of Botox injections also cropped up along with the rumors about his supposed nose surgery. The critics claim that the star has a wrinkle free face which is impossible naturally at his age and only achievable with Botox.

Before and after photos

In a selection of the before and after photos of the star’s claimed plastic surgery, the comparisons of his nose 10 years ago and presently suggest a major transformation apparently resulting from plastic surgery. The star is also said to have a wrinkle free face at his age as a result of Botox injections. The before and after pictures of this claim also depict a younger John Stamos and his present self without any wrinkles whatsoever, which can only happen with Botox.

Stamos’s reaction to plastic surgery claims

It is uncommon for celebrities to openly admit to having had plastic surgery and John Stamos is no exception. Even though the truth to these claims is uncertain, John said during an interview that his aging was natural and he did not have any Botox or plastic surgery procedure done to him. The public did not however take his statement seriously and continued speculating on his supposed nose job and Botox.

Surgery results

The claims to John Stamos’s plastic surgery may be true or mere speculation but the charming Hollywood star continues to get applause from his huge fan base. John Stamos still remains a great actor and the ladies’ favorite due to his charming looks and outstanding acting prowess.