Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery

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Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

If there are any celebrities throughout the years who have shown us the downside to plastic surgery, it would no doubt have to be Gloria Vanderbilt. The heiress, who is a fashion icon and the mother of famed TV news personality Anderson Cooper, is 90 years old, is a legend of pop culture, and of cosmetic infamy. The reason being, is that with such a combination of advanced age and obvious plastic surgery obsession, her look teeters on the peculiar and the bizarre. The rest of the article will bring Gloria Vanderbilt’s plastic surgery to light and the procedures this famed personality has obtained in years past.

“I do take very good care of myself, and I’m always in love. And by that I mean I have an appetite for life. I’m in love with beauty and things and people and love and being in love, and those things I think, on the inside, show on the outside.”

Even though Vanderbilt is so aged, and at a point in her life when a person likely stops worrying about their appearance, she keeps doing what she can to maintain the youth which slipped away so long ago. So what makes Vanderbilt so obsessed with her appearance and what is the motivation that drives her to continually change the outcome of age on her face?

She’s Had a Few

She has been reported to have had 3 facial reconstructions, 2 brow lifts, 1 lip surgery, 2 breast augmentations, 2 eye lifts and other procedures she has yet to reveal. Gloria has never been an actress or a model but something keeps pushing her to look like she is ready for that spotlight to come swinging down on her.

As of late, she has received botox fillers and the look really has set off media scrutiny and even some resentment with some of her fans. Many people have likened her to a clown, which is obviously not the greatest thing for her self-esteem. She, however, takes the criticism with a grain of salt, and has said that the comments are the “same old, same old.”  She also stated that the more beautiful you are, the more bitter people can become, and that resentment has never ceased for her.

An Amazement

In her mind, she is still young at heart and she also still feels “healthy as a horse” and she feels that no matter what the speculation is, it will never affect her attitude or her stance on celebrity. For a woman at her age to have such a void of wrinkles and creases, it comes as an absolute amazement.

There has been some speculations lately that have pointed to the heiress getting a fourth facial reconstruction and even though she, and everybody within the Vanderbilt camp have denied it, it looks obvious. Her skin surrounding her entire face has never looked so tight and sunken in, but it is possible that she could be in the midst of a procedure and has yet to have it in the completed stages.

Speculated Procedures:

  • 4 Facial Reconstructions
  • 2 Brow Lifts
  • 1 Lip Surgery
  • 2 Breast Augmentations

No Slowing Down

Gloria Vanderbilt’s plastic surgery is nothing short of the obvious, but she always maintains a great attitude and her legacy has yet to be tarnished. With so many years of great presence and fashion expertise, she has given to the world, even at 90, there is no signs of slowing down.



  1. The first picture of Gloria Vanderbilt, the “after” she is 93. The only thing obvious is she looks fantastic. The only reason anyone would know she has help is because SHE IS 93. If I saw her on the street I’d think she was a great looking woman probably in her 50’s.

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