Gerri Willis Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 24, 2017 @ 3:49 pm

Gerri Willis Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

American journalist Gerri Willis, who is known not only for her intriguing, candid interviews but also for her immense beauty, even at the age of 55 she is at the top of her game. People have fallen in love with her bubbly personality and her inspirational conversations with some of the world’s most acclaimed individuals. Age appears to have not affected Willis in the slightest and she keeps her carer roaring at full-speed ahead. Her timelessness appears however to be in question as of late, several people are left wondering why is it that a woman in her mid-50’s can look so youthful and vibrant. Speculations are slowly but surely looking like rearing towards the possibility that Gerri Willis plastic surgery could have taken place not too long ago.

Could it be that plastic surgery is the reason why Gerri Willis appears so fresh faced and full of life? The latest rumors don’t seem to be going away anytime soon and many the folks who are diehard fans of Willis’ work feel that she is being wronged via false accusations.

Procedures on the Mind

First to be noticed is the fact that maybe Gerri Willis plastic surgery may have included facial reconstruction. In all honesty, even though Gerri has always appeared to be the kind of gal to likely shy away from plastic surgery, noticeable changes were clearly there in her before and after pic. A couple other things are possible botox injections and eyelid surgery, either way, it looks like there is a great chance that cosmetic surgery was on her mind.

When it comes to fighting age, one of the best things that a woman or a man can do to preserve their looks is through the usage of botox. Gerri Willis’ wrinkles have ceased quite a bit, just by checking out some earlier periods in her life, you can clearly see that with the onset of time, the wrinkles which were present at the time simply vanished.

Average Work at Best

Even though it isn’t for sure that Gerri Willis plastic surgery transpired, there are so many indicators pointing in the direction that she did indeed did. Too many telltale signs are present, the tone of her skin in some places, along with what appears to be an unevenness in the integrity of her skin. One thing that is going in Gerri’s favor is that the work in which she most likely got done was done with quality, not too wonderful work but above average.

Her possible eyelid surgery reveals itself due to a few reddish marks and some swelling in-and-around her eyebrow region. Her representatives have failed to make any comments in regards to whether or not the rumors and various procedural talks were in fact true as of yet. There were some folks around Willis’ and her circle of people who claim that their demeanors were different then usual, appearing a little more uneasy and withdrawn.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox Injections
  • Eyelid surgery

It’s Anybody Guess

So it honestly doesn’t come down to “it’s anybody’s guess”, because it truly appears that Gerri Willis plastic surgery did likely take place and for the time-being, it looks to be covered up until some of the air clears from this event. Time will tell if Willis will bounce back from her little rendezvous with the knife.