Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 24, 2017 @ 3:43 pm

Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Just like the vast majority of South Korean film stars, Han Ye Seul’s plastic surgery looks like it could be possible, which is surprising due to her youth and her beauty. Sure, there are stars who are younger which receive cosmetic procedures, but when you take into account her beauty, you would never expect someone like her to do anything of the sort.

“What we need is the confidence to know that the image we see in the mirror is pretty.”

Ye Saul has always had a fantastic professional life and she has always steered clear of rumors in general and virtually anything which would be a detriment to her career. Even though the speculations haven’t been too prominent, word has been slowly circulating that she indeed received eyelid surgery and a botox injections in her lips.

Keeping it Real

There are several media outlets online which have posted before and after pics depicting her supposed procedures and judging by the results of them, there isn’t a whole lot of evidence backing them up in the very slightest. The actress herself quickly grew tired of all of the ridiculous claims surrounding procedures which had never even occurred in the first place. Instead of having to come to her for questioning in regards to these bogus claims, she decided to go straight to the sources herself.

When she was asked about the various reasons why she is opposed to receiving plastic surgery, she replied by stating, “I am already confident. No one can be satisfied with his or her appearance. People tell me I look feminine, but I wish I had the looks of an androgynous, charismatic woman.” The actress continued in saying, “An appearance can garner attention at first, but it could also stop there. That’s why I think people with a unique aura are cooler.”

Reaching Millions in a Good Way

Her stance against plastic surgery says a lot about the kind of woman that Han Ye Seul is, and hopefully, her beauty inside and out can reach the millions of others who live outside of South Korea. She is an amazing actress in her own right and the acclaim that she has received throughout the endless praise of her performances speaks volumes as to the type of person she is. Natural talent and natural beauty will always win-out and we should all be so lucky to have such a highly talented individual speak-up for the good reasons why she did not want to go under the knife.

She could have went the dramatic/attention grabbing route and say that she did not want to receive plastic surgery. She could have stated that it was for the people to have a role model but what that would say is that she was deliberately trying to be a role model and when people do that, it looks obvious, therefore it’s impact is much less.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Botox Injections

Natural Beauty

Han Ye Seul’s plastic surgery is 100% a fraud, showing you that even in a country where plastic surgery is king, there are some who embrace their naturally beauty. Don’t be fooled though, Ye Saul is certainly one beautiful young women who has what appears to be an endless talent and a ton to give, not only the people of South Korea but the entire world in general.