Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 24, 2017 @ 3:47 pm

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

If there was a Hollywood film actress who has all of the goods and the inner-inspiration to rise to the highest-peak within a town where getting commercial work is a privilege, it has to be Emily Blunt. Her portrayals are unbelievably realistic and when the greatest director in town needs a reliable and mega-talented actress, you can better believe it’s her. She has a beauty which many would consider rare and the way her appearance flows in the scheme of her dialogue is simply phenomenal. Even though she is merely at the age of 30, rumors have been swirling regarding Emily Blunt plastic surgery and if they have any authenticity.

“I used to look like a deer in headlights on the red carpet. You step out of the car and it’s bedlam. Everyone’s got crazy eyes.”

Most don’t eye Emily Blunt as the type of actress to receive plastic surgery, especially at such a young age but the speculations and the photo’s accompanying it are beginning to look rather convincing. What several individuals in town have been saying is that Blunt might have very well received cosmetic procedures such as a rhinoplasty and even some minor facial reconstruction work may have took place.

Stars and Cosmetic Surgery

Within the confines of the celebrity world, cosmetic surgery is nothing new, obviously stars are doing all that they can to stay young in order to secure their places in such a tough, finicky industry. Some procedure cases come out top-notch and some just come out dreadfully, a star’s career rides on their appearance, so it can indeed be a roll of the dice.

Blunt’s nose is one of the very first things that people noticed when her latest photo’s arrived on the scene. More than likely she had received what looks to be a slight rhinoplasty, revealing a leaner bridge and nostril region. If any of the procedures appear to be more unrealistic, in regards to actually transpiring, a few trained eyes from the plastic surgery world took notice and chimed in on the matter.

The other supposed procedure in question is what looks to be a minor facial reconstruction. In the area of her cheeks and lower chin, you can see where there might have been a few alterations but it is one of those things that come down to merely opinion. The same individuals who are trained in the art of spotting various speculated procedures have cited that they really can’t identify anything definitive but it is always possible.

As of late, even on the set of her latest film, Blunt and even her representatives have remained quiet on any of these procedure speculations. The individuals who spoke to her said that, even at a close distance, it virtually looks as if she hadn’t received any work at all.

Speculated Procedures

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Minor Facial Reconstruction

In the Constellation

Emily Blunt’s plastic surgery appears to be in question, even though there are a few people out there who believe that she did pay the plastic surgeon a visit, there are several others who don’t. Regardless, Emily Blunt is a classy chick who can act up a storm and land just about every quality, juicy role that Tinseltown has to offer. Blunt isn’t up-and-coming anymore, she is right where she wants to be in the constellation of the stars.