Won Bin Plastic Surgery

Won Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The Won Bin-efit of Plastic Surgery

Everybody in South Korea all simply want to know, how in the world can one man be so perfect looking looking as Won Bin. Not only can the guy act up a storm and enthrall audiences in that respect, but the man’s presence can make men jealous to the bone and make women swoon at the tilt. These thoughts have led many to question whether or not Won Bin plastic surgery could be the reason for why he looks as good as he does. Judging by some of his older pics, it wouldn’t seem that hard to believe that maybe he had employed a little work under the knife.

He is naturally charismatic no doubt but does his handsome appearance come from a natural source? His face hasn’t really changed all too dramatically but it is in the region of the eyes where the changes seem to have taken place. It wouldn’t be hard pressed in the slightest to think that Won Bin has gotten a Blepharoplasty, at least that is what much of the South Korean public seems to think.

Eye for an Eye

If you seriously look at his before and after pics, the eyes really do stand out as the most highlighted change. The width of his eyes have vastly changed and there is also a strength in his eye region that was never there before and now it has become a highlighted element. They also appear to not squint as much as they used to, which is one of the most contributing factors as to why it is very possible that he has underwent a procedure.

It appears that Won Bin will not say whether he has gotten the surgery or not and there is no type of representation that is speaking on his behalf either. This type of surgery is really a pretty popular commodity with the Korean people, so it wouldn’t seem to be completely out of line to think that he did infact have it done.

Stiff Competition in South Korea

The acting and entertainment market in South Korea is a tightly contested field, so every actor and actress must do all they can to obtain that proper edge to give themselves the best shot possible. Won Bin going this route makes absolutely a lot of sense and judging by the results it was likely a good idea.

There has been a few fellow actors who have come to the aid of his defense and they have said their peace but nothing has appeared to detract the public from their criticisms and their bitter remarks in regard to his newfound appearance. The thing is however, there are so many actors in South Korea as well as stateside who have gotten a lot more work done then Won Bin, so it is kind of strange that there would be such vicious attacks on him.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Double Eyelid Surgery

Bin There Done That

Won Bin plastic surgery was a very well done double eyelid surgery, which so such a commonplace thing in his native country, that is why is so so remarkable that such a big deal is taking place in regards to it. Surely the people will get over it and his fans are still likely in place and everything should be good to go.