Ben Savage Nose Job

Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Photos

If you have ever watched some of the old episodes of “Boy Meets World” you would notice that through the course of the series, it’s star Ben Savage’s nose clearly shifts in it’s appearance. A big reason is because Savage now has a nose that is much thinner and a little pointier at the tip. His nose also looks like it may be a little longer as well. So, it really looks as if Ben Savage nose job was certainly a go, what are the details?

Film and TV personalities assuming cosmetic procedures are nothing new at all but it makes sense when a star gets surgery to lessen the signs of aging. When a star has a procedure done which totally alters the entire look of their face, you are looking at something altogether different. Even though Ben Savage only had work on his nose done, the change gave the appearance of his face a whole different dimension.

“If you always have a crutch, you don’t learn anything.”

A Change Will Do You Good?

Savage has eluded all chance to comment on this matter but there is certainly a variable of reasons as to why he decided to get it. One element is that he just simply wanted to feel better about himself, due to a lack of confidence. He also may have correlated his nose with the recent lack of roles that he is used to receiving. Lastly, there is also the possibility that there could have been medical reasons for the procedure.

Many people have looked to a Rhinoplasty because they might have utilized it to open up a passageway in their nose to enhance breathing that has become labored. Celebrities, as a whole need to take a little caution before they proceed with the surgery because it could alter their look so drastically that it could maybe ruin their career.

Not a Great Decision

It would be nice for Savage to release some kind of statement in the regards of why he ultimately chose the surgery. Many people and some surgeons believe that Savage obtained his surgery because of career reasons. Even though he was still employed on the “world” show, the shows popularity was dipping quite a bit. Things now though do not look to get any better for Savage now that he has obtained a surgery that didn’t really help with his appearance in the least.

Fans are really curious to know as well, Savage has a pretty good fanbase that are somewhat upset that the classic savage look is gone. They feel that he possessed a particular charm that now has gone by the wayside thanks to the operation. Time will tell, maybe he will get some reworking done to correct the new look.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty

He’s a Savage, He’ll be Back

Ben Savage nose job was not exactly the response he was expecting but he can try to go back to the drawing board and look for a way to rework the procedure’s unwanted changes. It is not like his surgery made his fans mad or anything but they simply were a little disillusioned. Ben will figure it out and when he does, we will have a good actor back in the ring.

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  1. I was wondering what made Ben Savage look so different in the later episodes. Of course,it’s his nose job! The nose is clearly sharper and thinner. He seems to have opted for a rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons.

  2. It doesn’t seem that the job changed all that much – but then again, I would say he didn’t really need much of a change in the first place! He might talk some time about why he chose to get work done.

  3. Worst nose job ever. It doesn’t fit his face….it’s too wide and pointy and he looks like a cartoon character. He looked much better before. I would sue.

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