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Sridevi Before and After Photos

A Rhinoplasty in Sridevi-Wood

She in an aging queen of a Bollywood era, that is become a great part of the genre’s history. She is a beauty, even at the ripe age of 51 and she has some acting, dancing and singing skills that would make Justin Timberlake re-evaluate his entire life, she got game sir. It sounds like through whispering winds of chatter that she might have laid her cards down on the table, yet another poker game, folding to the knife. Open your minds and hearts, ladies and gentlemen. The story that is about to unfold is, Sridevi plastic surgery and lets hope it’s a dandy.

“Believe it or not, I don’t have an ego. That is one of the first lessons I learnt when I entered this line…”


Sridevi, is as indian actress who starred in countless, classic Bollywood films. She began acting at the age of 4, but it wasn’t until those shagadelic 70’s, that she began her illustrious film career. Before you knew it, as fast as you can say “Bollywood”, her career was rollin’
It was in 1976, when she established herself as the top draw in India. Her mad skills of show busted out sinful amounts of swag and fury, a tour de force, is precisely what Sridevi was baby..bag it up and take it home.
In ’78, she starred in her very first Hindi film and the Indian public couldn’t get enough of her, she was the female Elvis. She has won a handful of awards from various award shows and festivals, she even racked up a ton of nom’s too.
Later she started a very acclaimed TV career in India, spreading her skills to new mediums. She has since retired from the biz to raise her family in a non-showbiz type of atmosphere.

A Nose in Question

Now, Sridevi is a beauty, that ain’t no joke, but she is getting a little elevated in the age column. Talking heads all over India and her fans in the states, began noticing that she started looking a little too vibrant and youthful all of a sudden.
What really stood out to the Sridevi diehards was the drastic change in her nose. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, there she was, a legend, someone they thought would simply stay young forever, simply by a miracle from beyond, showing signs of cosmetic surgery.
Her nose, as everybody noticed, was really thin all of a sudden, and it had a really flat shape at the very tip. They noticed that the whole look of the nose wasn’t totally flawless but it gave a natural look that was undeniable.
There are a few out there, and only a few, who are convinced that Sridevi may have possibly gotten some dermal fillers in her cheeks. Apparently, they look fuller in the lower part, right above the jawbone, that appears slightly altered comparable to any other time in her life.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Dermal Fillers(Questionable)

Took Sridevi to the Levy

You know what though, for Sridevi, it’s all about the easy come, easy go pimpin’. The naysayers are exactly that, naysayers. If the Rhinoplasty and dermal fillers really were given to her, than Sridevi plastic surgery was a downright, rockin’ success that is only suitable for the queen of Bollywood, take it right to the bank and cash it. She looked utterly fab-tastic, continuing to draw her fans in with grace, talent and a whole boatload of skills. You got to hand it to an original diva.