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Stana Katic Before and After Photos

The Queen and Her Castle

She is the detective of our time, Kate Beckett, at least on the TV show “Castle” that is. That doesn’t stop any of us from playing detectives and taking on the case of stana katic plastic surgery, now does it? Do you question the possibility that Katic might have done a little Hollywood performance enhancing surgery? Really?…You decide….

“I have to believe in the character to perform it.”

Little Background

Born on April 26, 1978. Stana Katic was born in Ontario, Canada. She is a well regarded actress of the small screen and she has even tried her hand out in film as well. She has appeared in the 2009 comic book adaption film “The Spirit”, but she is most well known currently as the spitfire from the Castle show.
Somewhere around the time of her sixth season of Castle, Katic was at the head of the plastic surgery rumor mill. There are many people out there who have followed her career throughout the years and have stated how dramatic her appearance has changed over the years.

The Static Around Katic

Many of these rumors came about when plastic surgery snobs and critics had reviewed some of her previous work, which had been spawned by a the latest rumors. Once they dug in and gave their opinions, it changed the face of the rumors into a more plausible light.
One change for sure is a prominent difference in her nose, which had many of the believers thinking she had a Rhinoplasty done, revealing a slimmer, more trimmed down nose as opposed to the way it has looked in recent years. In the past her nose gace a much wider profile and the very tip was a little beefier than how it is looking at this current juncture.

Just by a Nose

In Katic’s case especially, her noses change in presentation has created a drastic look in her overall appearance. For many people, when they get a Rhinoplasty it basically seems to change the appearance of the nose, makes sense, but in the case of Stana Katic, the change has given her look new life, it really has and it was done superbly to be sure.
If you really check out her before and afters, the shape and the size of the nose have been altered quite a bit. The people are still dying to know the truth if she really did get a Rhinoplasty but Katic still continues to remain silent as she always does. As it stands, she has never in her entire career been accused of any other type of surgery sans her nose job. It’s great that her one and only surgery went so fantastically.

The Knife points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty

It’s a Beckett Thing

stana Katic plastic surgery, if factual, came out the way that a person would obviously love for their surgery to come out, she is one lucky chick. To have a surgery make such a definitive positive change in a persons appearance is a rare but awesome thing. A beautiful lady indeed, this just may seal the deal on her appearance for so many years down the road. In a biz like the biz, you need every little helping bit.