Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction

Last Modified on:  May 23, 2017 @ 8:59 pm

Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction – Before and After Photos

Did Sherri Shepherd get a breast reduction?

Sherri Shepherd, host of shows including The View and Newlywed Game, has accomplished a lot in her prestigious career as an actress. She played Ramona Platt in the popular show Less Than Perfect (2002-2006), for which she was nominated a BET award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, and she’s even played herself in the show Sherri (2009), a sitcom about her own life. Some of her accolades include several daytime Emmy award nominations (including a win in 2009) for her work on The View from 2007 to 2014. With all of these accomplishments and achievements, there is one thing that people are very interested in. Her breasts.

“I have so much hair; I have a separate wig closet in my house.”

Rumors and Speculations

Rumors surrounding Shepherd’s breasts began to emerge around 2009, when she showed off her figure on The View in a brand new bathing suit. She did this after losing weight, and her body looked much smaller than before. Including, of course, her breasts. Speculation began, and there was a lot of back and forth. People talked, and words were said. Words including “breast,” and “reduction,” as well as “plastic,” and “surgery.” Rumors began to spread, and many people could not stop talking about the Sherry Shepherd breast reduction.

Shepherd Reaction to the Rumors

Shepherd did not have a direct response to these accusations, but she was quoted in saying that she “loved her boobs.” She never did say, however, that she did not get a breast reduction surgery. She never directly addressed the speculation surrounding her after her appearance on The View. And there was quite a lot of speculation. Could this mean that she really did get plastic surgery? Does she refuse to directly deny the accusations because she did in fact have a procedure? Think about this: she said she loved her boobs. Did she say she didn’t get plastic surgery? Hmm.

Everyone knows about Shepherd’s significant weight loss. Could her breasts appearing smaller be due to the fat she burned off? Or is it plastic surgery? Despite all of Shepherd’s accolades and achievements, there is one thing that people can’t stop talking about, and that is her breasts. Did she get plastic surgery? Should she get plastic surgery? Some people say she did, others say she didn’t. Although Sherri herself claims that she loves her breasts and would never reduce them, some people are saying that she needs to. That’s right folks, some people are going against the rumors, and saying if she will burn off all that weight, she may as well go all the way. They claim her breasts are too big.


Are Shepherd’s breasts too big? If she did get plastic surgery, should she sue her surgeon for not doing a proper job? Are the rumors correct? If Shepherd did get surgery or is planning to get surgery, should she be honest and tell people about it? Is it any of their business, or does she have a right to keep it to herself? Do her fans deserve the truth, or does she deserve privacy?

Of course, it has been six years since her appearance on The View in that bathing suit, but rumors and speculations are still buzzing around. People are very interested in Shepherd’s breasts, and this topic continues on in heated, passionate debate. What do you think?