Rupert Everett plastic surgery

Rupert Everett Before and After Photos

The Scoop on Rupe

This dudes got English swag, oozing from every pore. Charismatic, flamboyant, maybe a little too much flamboyance, but the guy can act so he gets the pass. He was a lady killer on-screen, fluttering hearts with each line beckoning for an attention in which the god given attention span couldn’t quite muster up. English freakin’ swag. baby. Rupert Everett plastic surgery is about uh..Rupert Everett and….yeah…plastic surgery. No, but really and honestly, even swag can grow old and when the swag charger can’t refill, you let the knife take on the job. With that job in mind, Rupert says “get er’ done.”

“I loved looking at myself when I was very photogenic, at the very beginning of my career.”

A Little Background

Born on May 29, 1959, in Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk, England, Rupert Everett was 16 when he decided to get some rebel rockin’ and run away from home to become an actor. During that time, he became a prostitute for drugs and to support himself. Dang Rupert, sure you want to admit that?
The early 80’s brought Everette good fortune, getting the break he needed in a play starring opposite film great, Kenneth Branagh. Dude rocked the house. Later he would star in a film opposite Bob Dylan titled “Hearts of Fire.” This would inspire him to release a musical album that really didn’t hit the mark that was intended and it hurt his career a little, only for a short while though.
In 1989, Everett busted out to Paris to write a novel and at the same time, came out as gay..didn’t see that coming. He continued producing great film work and sharing the acting scene between his motherland of England with and the smog-filled skies of Tinseltown.
Everetts big break into the mainstream came in 1997’s “My Best Friends Wedding”, starring opposite Julia Roberts. He had it really going on at that time, celeb friends like Madonna and other cool hipsters at the time. Rupert was money, baby.
Everette continued to act, then he even wrote some novels but life was certainly good for the man. He embraced his sexuality and became kind of an activist for gay rights and awareness. He continues to act a little in film and some on the stage, as well as writing.

The Rupert Drinks from the Chalice of Youth

People within celebrity circle immediately noticed a great change in the facial appearance of Everett. His face looked vibrant and lacked wrinkles that were there throughout his entire face before. What on earth could that mean? Whispers mounted, people had a good idea he was living the good knife.
All of his face had been smoothed out, absolutely younger looking, tight and fresh. From every angle it was clear that everett had done the deed. His cheek area was smoothed out and the area around his eyes. A facelift is at the head of presumptions.
Not only were his cheeks smoothed out but they were also more defined and bearing a new relative definition that wasn’t there prior. Just by a simple look at the before and after’s, it looks like he almost certainly had cheek implants utilized.
The forehead area really made a miraculous change, completely refined and wrinkle free. The man knew what he wanted and the good ol’ doc made it happen. Maybe, as far as the forehead is concerned, a little tightness but aside from that, pretty decent. Botox is suspected.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Cheek Filler
  • Botox Injections

A Young Old Chap

Hey, Rupert Everett plastic surgery seemed to go pretty decently for the old chap. He is officially a young dude again. The knife works in mysterious ways, you better believe it. The Rupe may have to debate a comeback. Hopefully only in acting, the world doesn’t want to relive that hideous album again. Seriously, please dude.