Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery

Sara Jean Underwood Before and After Photos

Underwood the Knife

Yowza. Bombshell. Babe. Playboy bunny. Dream girl. That blonde hair, blues eyes, can make a man fall prey to temptation and weakness. Is that their whole point of existence? Or is there a deeper and darker side? Over thinking it maybe? Probably. This one thing is for sure, Sara Jean Underwood plastic surgery entertains the senses and sets off a level of curiosity that is unparalleled. What did this babe do under the supervision of the knife? And in the end, what was the result? Let’s take the journey, read the story…here we go!


Born on March 26, 1984, Sara Jean Underwood grew up in the Portland, Oregon area and after high school she became a construction assistant before moving on to the task of waitress at a Hooters. Before you knew it, her bablisciousness inspired her to take to modeling and in 2005 she got to be in “Playboy Magazine.”
2007 was huge for her, she became the coveted “Playmate of the Year” in Playboy and that friends is an honor of high praise. Her popularity soared, enough for her to even make a few spots in some films. One being the 2007 flick “Epic Movie” and then a film called “The Telling.”
She then found herself getting a little TV action in G4’s “Attack of the Show” and even “The Howard Stern Show.” Life was getting pretty pimpin’ for her, on top of the world, she was.
Her modeling continues to be very lucrative for her and she is also has been getting recognition for her on-and-off again relationship with the cool dude, Ryan Seacrest. Not to mention she appears on several MTV programs and continues to pick up accolades for hottiness.

Sara! No Time is a Good Time for Goodbye

Words began snow ballin’ about Sara having a couple very significant changes going on physically. She just seemed different, something unusual…something big.
Ok, there it is, it is her breast. They appeared to get pretty big. They clearly are implants and by the look of them, they actually came out pretty darn good and according to other sources that seems to be the unanimous opinion of the folk that spoke up about it.
Her breast looked not only bigger but they had a firmness that couldn’t be denied, Shapely, perky, just the right amount of cleavage. Whoever employed their services on her did one heck of a job. Best of the best. They are her number one asset, so it would make sense to protect them to the best of ability.
Another highly noticed attribute was her nose and boy, did it look different. This time around the new change didn’t fare so well for Sara. Her nose just didn’t look right or normal. It clearly looked fake and almost a borderline botch. The bridge almost looked out of place and the very tip of her nose had a slight bulbous quality. It almost feels like she actually paid to ruin her nose, which for some reason, doesn’t seem right.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty

A Nose That Blows

Sara Jean Underwood plastic surgery was a thing of 50/50. The breast implants looked rockin’ extreme but the nose job look like a misfire of great magnitude. You know she more than likely got pretty upset with that little number. Overall, Sara looks pretty good and she still has her sexiness going for her. Long may she continue as a queen of hearts and a vixen in a day and age when we need it most.



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