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The Botox Bride

A great actress, who can easily be one of the most underrated of her generation, Robin Wright paved the road to her stardom, her way. Sure, she was married to actor Sean Penn for quite sometime but a good portion of her great resume comes prior to Penn’s entrance. It’s pretty clear that Sean Penn didn’t give Robin Wright’s career to her as a wedding gift but could a heated divorce and a love lost between the two be the reason for an urge for her to slip under the knife for a little nippety tuck? Robin Wright plastic surgery should have the right answers for you, as they always do.

“I want to be perfect. I don’t want to fail. And you always fail.”

Born a Real Natural

on April 8, 1966, Robin Wright was born in Dallas, Texas, but she was raised in San Diego, Ca. Wright is the daughter of an independent executive sales director and a pharmaceutical executive. Wright has always been considered a natural beauty, so even at a very young age she began to model. While in high school, her modeling would take her to places like Paris and Japan. She considers traveling as the main source of interest that she had in the profession.
After high school, her modeling agent talked her into an audition for the soap opera “Santa Barbara” and even though she didn’t have any acting experience or training, she went to the audition and got the part. The show ended up giving her three Emmy nominations.
Her notoriety got the attention of director Rob Reiner, who wanted to audition her for his 1987 medieval romance flick “A Princess Bride”. She got the part, the movie was a great success and it catapulted Wright in to budding Hollywood player at the early age of 21.
Through the early to mid 90’s, she would turn down juicy parts in films like “Jurassic Park” and “Batman Forever”, for more thought provoking films like her role in 1995’s “Forrest Gump”. A year later, in 1996 after a long courtship, she married her longtime love, Sean Penn. Her career continues to be solid to this day but sadly in 2010, her marriage to Penn ended in divorce.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman With Botox

When a woman is set free onto the market after a long relationship, a million different things twirl through the brain, what to do? start dating rebound style, go on indefinite hiatus, go under the knife for a face altering experience?
Since Wright’s divorce from Penn in 2010, her appearance has made some slight alterations but she has clearly stated, time and time again, that she firmly objects cosmetic surgery and she also noted that, even if it spells the end of her career, she will not submit to the temptations.
She has made it clear “I was like, “I don’t want to do that”, she also said “ I’m going to get older, I’m going to have wrinkles!”
There is however one item from the planetarium of plastic that she has no issues with, “It’s just the tiniest sprinkle of Botox twice a year”.
Ladies and gents, the big reveal is… she loves her botox. “I was sitting there going,’You’re 45, and you’re not gonna get a face-lift”.
So is she really that simple? It sure looks like but at least she’s honest and doing what she feels right about.

Under the Knife Points:

  • Botox face and lip injections

A Little Botox Goes a Long Way for This Princess

Robin Wright plastic surgery was narrowed down to a couple small doses of Botox each year. She attributes a healthy diet, exercise and just good old fashioned clean living as the reasons for her youthful look and glow at her age, sans plastic surgery. It seems it does well for her but…give her a few more years, then we can talk.