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Robert Redford Before and After Photos

Movie star. There’s no way around it. The man personifies classic. Even if you put aside all the things that build up in time, usually a by product of an increased fame, the dude was simply a good actor. He was an Academy Award winner, a heartthrob, environmentalist and a guy who could of tore up Hollywood and thrown it on it’s backside, like other roughians of his era and today. Instead he chose a relatively quiet life, away from the the flashing bulbs and tabloid pursuits. Robert Redford plastic surgery is the story of a man at a cross in his life, choosing to either continue the current path of his twilight or to give his youth one more spin. The choice is in his hands.

“Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.”

The Birth of The Sundance Kid and A Rise of A True Movie Star

Hollywood royalty was born August 18, 1937 in Santa Monica, Ca. Redford’s was an oil company accountant. While attending high school in Van Nuy’s, he led in sports like football and tennis. Redford struggled with his early goings in the workplace, having been fired from several local jobs. He even had a few tiny issues with the law but he eventually wised up when The University of Colorado offered a baseball scholarship. Instead a proving an asset for the baseball teams he pretty much in his words ” became the campus drunk”
Redford chose an unusual path for a future star, by leaving for Europe to start living as an bohemian. In this time he learned a lot about the meaning of culture and society and this whole new experience gave him the motivational boost and inspiration of a brand new focus. Upon his return he met his future wife and then he enrolled and began studying at an academy of dramatic arts. This was a landmark stepping stone, not only for him but for the world.
Redford immersed himself into his new chosen craft, acting. He soon made an appearance on Broadway in 1958 and and a few others all the way into the early 60’s. His film debut came in 1962 with the “War Hunt” but his career didn’t take flight until 1968 with the blockbuster hit “Barefoot in the Park”, co-starring the beautiful Jane Fonda. Only few get to experience what Redford was soon to experience, in the next 20 years of his life he would learn what it is to be an icon. With his milestone films and awards as an actor and director, Redford wasn’t just relevant, he was the source.
Regardless of his advanced age, Redford remained a handsome man who was still on top. A choice to turn back the clock was all his own but whether or not he actually did, is debatable. In past remarks, the star spoke of his general disfavor regarding cosmetic surgery but in the equal light his comments were heard, so were the voices that speculate a different story.

Speculation and Rumors

The one thing clear about Redford’s supposed surgery is that there isn’t anything clear. The speculated physical changes that brought out attention were surrounded entirety on his facial structure. Some people are convinced that an altering of his eyelids have taken place , Botox injections and a facelift. Then there are others who have mentioned a tightening of the skin on his forehead and prominent reduction of overall facial wrinkles. One more argument is regarding a resounding difference in appearance with his before and after pictures. The evidence suggest the information already mentioned above but it provides a better source of evidence backing up these claims.
If in fact there is an element of reality supporting the theory that Robert Redford did in fact have plastic surgery, these are the most likely operations that would have taken place:


  • Facelift
  • Brow Lift
  • Botox injections
  • Possible unidentified procedures

A legend No Matter

Even if Robert Redford plastic surgery was true and the claims that have surrounded this topic were indeed validated, it comes down to a personal choices and freedom. Any living person at some point, even for a fleeting moment of time, think about the well being of their vanity. All of us deep inside no matter how needless of a thing beauty may be to some, care about our appearance to a certain degree. Imagine living in the bright lights of the entertainment world to weigh the thought process. If we feel that way about our appearances, one can only imagine how that feeling multiplies in an individual who’s income, popularity and future stock all ride of on it. For some it’s comes down to just a good business decision.