Susan Lucci plastic surgery

Susan Lucci Before and After Photos

Always Erica

Susan Lucci plastic surgery doesn’t quite come as much of a surprise when you think about the extraordinary feat she made in television history just by losing. The Emmy award winning actress (finally) lost the statue to another player a staggering 18 times before finally taking her long eluded prize home for a role she has been playing for the same amount of time that an adult has lived on the earth.
A beautiful women by no stretch of the imagination yet she is known as a versatile, durable great actress. Lucci is widely known for playing the role of “Erica Kane” on the long, long running soap opera “All My Children”.
When a lovely, veteran actress starts noticing the beauty slowly trickling away, there is only so many things she can do to aid the situation. Honestly, there is only one thing and when you’re Erica Kane, the support of the nation has got to back her up.

“You know what my greatest personal stumbling block is? My shyness.”

Mover and Shaker

On December 23, 1946, the ever gorgeous Mrs. Lucci was born in was born and raised in Garden City, New York. Susan grew up in the suburbs and she showed an immense love for the Voice, dancing and acting, it was clear which direction her talents wanted to go and if it wasn’t clear, she made it that way. She was a mover and a shaker, a popular cheerleader who made nearly all appearances in the high school musicals of her tenure.
Her sights were clearly set on showbiz so she enrolled herself at The Marymount College theater department. In ’68, she graduated with a bachelor of the arts degree and soon headed for the Big Apple for her chance to hit the big time like any aspired actor. Through a relatively short time as a bottom feeder, she landed an audition for the brand new soap ” All My Children”. Her beauty, energy and sense of humor were quickly noticed by the casting director who was looking for something new and fresh to add to the soap to make it unique, it was no doubt Lucci was a sure bet.
The wit and zest she added to the role of “Erica” was a homerun and the soap scored a loyal fan base that would stick around for the long haul all the way to today. Lucci earned her first Emmy nod in 1978 but lost 18 times from there but in ’99 the statue finally rest in her hands sealing a legacy of the famous character.

Even Erica Gets Older

Hollywood stars, even the best of them go on to save face. Susan Lucci had a lot to save as she got older. She was 66 and beautiful meaning the first train of thought was to keep it that way. When rumors started up the first thing that was hard to deny was the increase in size and the downright perkiness that her breast appeared to do overnight, clear breast augmentation. She started to look suspiciously young with a glow to her face that only young, pregnant woman normally have, that would leave signs of a clear cut case of a facelift.
Even though Susan is a very slight woman, she has been prone to love handles on her sides and just like that! they disappeared, leading to speculation of a Liposuction. Then those beautiful eyes of hers look like they have been widened to accent a fresh, youthful look, so we’re looking at an obvious Blepharoplasty. Last but not least a lot of that new found glow has to be due to none other than a chemical peel.


  • Facelift
  • Liposuction
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Chemical peel

It’s Only Babe Maintenance

As stated earlier, Susan Lucci is a stunner, before the surgery and after. The job that was done by the doc’s looked pretty professional, down to every last detail. It looks like Susan did her homework before letting just anybody risk any kind of issue on that mug of hers. The Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery was a winner on all accounts.