Preity Zinta plastic surgery

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Bollywood Nights

In the world of Bollywood, there are only a select handful of standout actors who build great careers and rise to elites of celebrity status. Preity Zinta is the epitome of a standout with her exotic, stunning and downright remarkably striking looks. Bollywood is also a very competitive market for actors, so staying on top is about being on top of your game. Preity Zinta plastic surgery is a way to keep her career at full steam and her way of staying that striking Bollywood hottie self.

“I cannot starve myself. I’m a foodie! I make fabulous pastas, Indian food, parathas and club sandwiches!”


Born on January 1, 1975, Preity Zinta was born in Shimla, India. The bulk of her childhood was spent at a boarding school in Shimla. She majored in English at Saint Bede’s College and soon as she graduated she went on to earn a degree in criminal psychology. During college she decided to try her hand at acting by doing some commercial work. The more she plugged away in commercials, the more it eventually got her into position to get a break in Bollywood films. Her first film appearance came in the film “Tara Rum Pum Pum”. Her next appearance came in Mani Rathnam’s “Dil se”. The movie was a huge success and it introduced Preity as a singer when she sang the entirety of the soundtrack.
Zinta received a Filmfare award for best actress in 2003 for her turn in the film “Kal Ho Naa Ho”, Then soon afterwards she went on to play in two consecutive top grossing films that same year. The milestone of her still young film career is the 2004 romance flick “Veer-Zaara” in which she won not only the captivation of new fans but she won the approval of critics.
She eventually went on to set an impression internationally as well, she starred in the hit canadian film “ Heaven and Earth” which scored her a best actress award at the Chicago International Film Festival. One of the most impressive things about Preity Zinta is that she has created a stellar acting career without any family ties and in Bollywood that is a very hard thing to achieve. She continues to produce excellent performances in film and music as well as contributions to various charities.

When Word Gets Around

In the ultimate quest to perfect perfection, rumors and speculations swirl over the possibility of Zinta utilizing the conveniences of plastic surgery. By the sound of it she has had some really good work done. There have been some mentionings of a significant change with her eyes, noting that they are much wider and a lot more open than they used to be, the baggage is a lot less underneath her eyes as well.
Also there has been a lot of speculation with changes in her face, it looks a lot more oval and proportionate compared to the roundness that it had before. There are notes less baby fat in her face and the that she now has perfectly placed dimples now.
There have also been comments made about recent changes in her lips as well, noting that her mouth and lips have an overall openness with a balanced appeal. Even though Preity Zinta is only 39 years old, people have noticed that the wrinkles that she did have completely vanished and now her faces complexion is more vibrant and young.
There have been some comments made that Zinta had eluded the spotlight for sometime and when she finally resurfaced, she apparently concealed her face quite a bit. The odd, secretive behavior of hers has led some fans to believe that there may be a link between this and cosmetic surgery. Below are some of the procedures that were suspected with Preity Zinta.

Under the Knife Points:

  • Botox or derm fillers in lips
  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Nose job
  • Possible chemical peel

It’s A Bollywood Babe Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

By all accounts Preity Zinta had a pretty good job done. Many believe that she might have gotten work done a little prematurely but when a woman wants to look as good as she can coupled with a highly competitive industry that bases its merits on an actresses appearance, it really isn’t a far off idea to maintain your assets. Preity Zinta plastic surgery looks to have made her happy and from outside sources the speculated work that was performed was done excellently.