Rachel Weisz Before and After Photos

Rachel the Beautiful

Every definition and representation of the word and origin of beautiful, rests in the the palms of this women, Rachel Weisz. She is a goddess, an actress and occasionally a goddess. Since the mid 90’s, Weisz has culminated a stellar career in show business and she continues to do so. Word has it that this naturally stunning woman may have given into the masterwork of the knife. Rachel Weisz plastic surgery seems nothing short of obscene, but could it really be true, really? Scroll down her story to find the answers in which you seek.

“Botox should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen. Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?”


born on March 7, 1971, in London, England, Rachel Weisz began acting as a drama student in college. Later, she made her transition into TV, in the BBC series “Scarlet and Black”. She went even a step further with her big screen debut in the film “Chain Reaction”, starring opposite, Keanu Reeves . Her star continued to climb up in to the A-list constellation with films like “The Mummy” , “Stealing Beauty “and “The Constant Gardener” for which she won an Academy Award”.


Rumors started circulating based on some perceived changes to Weisz’s face.Some rumors believe that she have had several things done, however, the most noticeable change to her appearance was with her nose. You can really see in some of the photos of Weisz’s before and afters, the latest picture shows to us that her nose is a lot nicer than before, which seems almost impossible to do.
Her lips appear to have a significant difference as well. They don’t have the pursed, tight look they used to have, now they look plump and voluptuous. There obviously was a filler injection of some kind done on Mrs. Weisz.
There are split opinions regarding Rachel Weisz’s speculated plastic surgery. Some really stand by the fact that Rachel has most certainly gotten work done and there is the other side of the coin, people who believe that rachel is simply receiving a form of media harassment, Rachel herself hasn’t commented on it, so from that standpoint, it is really hard to judge, especially in her case, having no prior record of surgery and really never appearing to have any interest.
One thing is for sure, if she didn’t get it done, she still looks very babe-full and if she did get it done, she should thank her lucky stars that the knife didn’t slip on that delicately beautiful mug of hers.The knife points below are only speculation as to what Weisz may have gotten done.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox or derm filler / lips
  • Facial reconstruction (possible)

Still Adored By the Many

Rachel Weisz is a big movie star and a beautiful one at that. Even if there wasn’t real solid proof or intense visual evidence, the media will have their day with you regardless of your stance or beliefs regarding plastic surgery. That is a simple fact of life and nature of the beast. Once you sign the bottom of that contract with the studios, you are signing a contract with the bloodsucking hounds of the paparazzi.
Whatever is the result or final answer, Rachel Weisz Plastic surgery was a great success because, girl…you’re fine and looking as good as ever. They are just jealous, but on the other hand, she is on the wrong side of 40, so maybe she was trying to preserve her assets. Anyhoo, we love you and look forward to your future big screen endeavors.




  1. Why does no one ever mention her eyes, they look completely different to how they were when she was young. She now has a deep crease whereas before she had none and a very puffy look about her. That does not change with age.

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