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Tara Reid Before and After Photos

Tara’s Lopsided Affair

The popular girl, miss. cool. That was tara reid, heck, still is. She is the blond bombshell who remained untouchable to all who swooned over her in the her movies. She always came off came off as a bit of an airhead in her movies but she made a pretty good living at it. What makes a hottie like Tara Reid have the urge to dive under the knife and fix something that obviously isn’t broken. Tara reid plastic surgery is an observation of the human condition when it feels threatened by the possibility of some outer force or what is it? Let’s take a look for ourselves.

“I’m more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl.”


Born November 8, 1975 in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Tara Reid got an early start as a young girl in commercials. She then moved on to bigger things in television shows like “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” and “Days of Our Lives”. From there she made a big impression with the Major studios of Hollywood, who then thrusted her onto the big screen in movies like the excellent cult classic “The Big Lebowski” in 1998, as well as American Pie in 1999 and the sequels to follow.

She wanted a big “B”

Speculations rose like the steam of a hot, boiling pot of pasta when, at a birthday party, her breast became visible during a photo call. Her nip slip photos revealed the truth that she had undergone breast enlargement surgery and that the results were of the hideous, dastardly kind. Apparently she was pretty upset too, She says that her breast size was 34 B. She asked the surgeon for ”big B’s” but the surgeon mistakenly changed her breast size to a ”C” cup. Plus, they supposedly came out lopsided, (oh boy) How could someone who has gone through the gauntlet of medical schooling make a simple mistake like that? In his defense, working on Tara Reid would no doubt be distracting to say the least.
After a bunch of hubbub from fans and the media, Tara finally came out and confessed the plastic surgery went all too wrong. It looks like in this particular case the results were obviously due to incompetent surgeons who did not seem to know quite how to carry out the requested surgeries.
Another majorly noticeable change is with Tara’s stomach, appears she had liposuction done and by all accounts the job went well but there have been mentionings of a scar on her stomach, which is a typical byproduct of that particular surgery.One note is that she commented that she really, really wanted a six-pack so instead of working out, she rather just get it done quickly and get the liposuction instead (uh…Karma anyone?).
Other than those two, real poor operations, there really hasn’t been a whole lot more reported on Tara Reid in that light but that was really all she needed.

The Knife Poindure List

  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction

Poor Girl

Poor Tara Reid, girl got one heck of a raw deal. The problem it seems, is that she was obviously trying to cut corners with the cost. That just seems so surprising, after all, her movie career is just soaring to the tilt right now…lol.. Make a note, that if you ever decide to go under the knife, it is really a good idea not to play it cheap.
Tara Reid plastic surgery proves that, even if you’re rich and famous it doesn’t mean that you can throw a few dollars down and get an amazing surgery, money talks, right? By the sounds of it, after her surgeon was finished up with her, he must’ve clocked off there and then clocked in at his second job, hosting at Red Robin. Tara, you are still numero uno girl, all of us believe you still got it goin’ and you will pull through, for a triumphant comeback of the ages.