Pamela Anderson plastic surgery

Pamela Anderson Before and After Photos

Beach Bum

She is and forever will be, the quintessential beach babe. The hearts of men were swept away in the 90’s by her and those images her long past still linger in the libidos of those men to this very day. Pamela Anderson plastic surgery tells the story of aging aging 90’s television star with monster assets, getting older and dealing those monster assets and a face slowly but surely ravaged by the hands of time.

 Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror.”


on July 1, 1967, Pamela Anderson was born in British Columbia, Canada. Her career started out modeling in Labatt beer ads, but she would soon find herself on the pages of “Playboy” magazine. She made a big transition into acting with TV’s “Home Improvement” but her star status really came knocking with her iconic role on “Baywatch” turning her into a instant sex symbol and a household name.
She is a huge supporter of animal rights and she continues to act in smaller roles from film to TV. Anderson dazzled us even more when she joined “Dancing with the Stars” in 2010 and then an appearance in 2012.

They Went Up…Up, Then Came Back Down Again

Pamela Anderson was a fresh, youthful face for many years but either lifestyle choices or genetics produced a quick decline with the face and overall appearance. She also had world famous gazongas and as more time progressed those gozongas got even bigger, which typically led to rumours. Being of the obvious, Pamela admitted her breast augmentations. As more time went on those gazongas miraculously got smaller (head scratcher). In an interview with Playboy she admitted to getting a breast reduction done, commenting that she wanted “her body to return to its original state”. Uh…hmm….uh, why?
It wouldn’t stop there for this razzle dazzle beach beauty, there were reports of Her lips becoming plump overnight. There had also been huge changes in her facial region, appearing with a much more youthful tightness and glow. There were obvious changes to her nose as well, having that ultra-feminine, pointy Michael Jackson thing going on.
The rumors kept snowballing between critics, her fans and the general public. Accusations flew, stating Anderson was “just addicted to plastic surgery and simply cannot do without it”. On her front there were denials but it was never heavily contested and eventually they grew silent and by that, you have your confession.

Under the Knife Points: Official Procedure Tally

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Collagen lip fillers
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Rhinoplasty

Endless Summer

Did you see the “Under the Knife Points”? It would sternly have to appear that the public was correct about the plastic surgery addiction. The thing about Pamela Anderson is, her image was built upon the fab-tastic work of the knife and her doctors. For someone like her, it is merely a rite of passage and it has proven to be that.
The fans, and the public still love her and in her case, if any outcome was to make a final judgment on the matter of all her cosmetic work, it would only be only taken lightly and a bit comically. Dude, it’s Pamela Anderson, what did you expect.
She is still adored, she is still working, even though maybe not as steady but you get the point. No matter how addicted or how amusingly bizarre some celebrities get with their plastic surgery obsession, it is just a trait and a part of their mystique. That is Pamela Anderson plastic surgery, just another appointment down and you can bet she has more in the tank, or gonzaga’s….too soon?