Queen Noor Plastic Surgery

Queen Noor Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cosmetic Skeletons in the Queen’s Closet

If the rumors are undoubtedly true, we now have a first and the first we now have is the first queen to ever utilize the modern wonders of plastic surgery that is. That speculated first belongs to the one and only, her majesty, Queen Noor. It is no doubt that the woman looks pretty darn fantastic for a gal who is in the midst of the age of retirement. The thing that tricks the mind of many is that her looks have been waiver less, nothing has derailed her beauty, especially those quick and steady hands of time. Queen Noor plastic surgery is the definitive chapter and look into a procedure of royal proportions.

Just to get the air clear, she does come from some ultra-high shelf genes, being of royal Jordanian and Swiss descent. If you do take a gander at some of her latest photos, you can see where you may just put enough work into her appearance to think that she may have opted for the knife doesn’t comes as a shock. There are also rumors that she is stuck within the web of cosmetic addiction, as to which plastic surgery has more or less become a quick-fix for which must be satisfied on a regular basis. oh,

Air Jordan’s

These days when the royal family of Jordan hit the town, the onlookers seem to be more interest in the look of Queen Noor and what her latest incarnation will be as opposed to finding interest in the royal family and the star shock which comes with the presence of royalty.

The rumors of her plastic surgery have been tossed around from every angle and dissected down to it’s last crumb. The word on the street is that she underwent procedures for a Face Lift, Lip Implants and Botox Injections. By comparing her photos, if you look in the vicinity in the area where the procedures had taken place you can see where there may have been suspicions of the cosmetic kind.

The look of her face gives off the obvious frozen, plump and a rather uncomfortable appearance. One of the best ways to describe the look is that she appears to be wearing a mask, a frozen gesture caught in the balance of time. Some of the other pics of her, which are in different lighting, almost give off the radiance of a porcelain doll, bearing the virtues of true perfection.

A Royal Pain in the Lips

The lip area on the Queen look about as suspect as they come. They have a stretched out, almost worn and pulled quality. It really looks as if she was shooting for the stars, reaching to the highest mountain top for the lips of Angelina Jolie or some other current or past stars who have presented that puffy style to the lips. The work wasn’t awful but for a queen it would really seem like maybe a little more effort may have been employed.

Botox Wins Again

There are also some areas, mainly in the upper facial areas, around the forehead where there are a few signs that Botox may have been used. It is hard to believe that she is the very first queen to ever use plastic surgery, as it would seem to be a rite of passage. The forehead appears to be smoother and more free of wrinkles then it has ever seemed prior. The almighty Botox wins again.

Under the Knife: The Procedure Checklist

  • Face Lift
  • Lip Fillers
  • Botox

Queen Noor Looking for the Door

Queen Noor plastic surgery is an somewhat of an unfortunate thing because it appears as if it has exited the pleasure of enhancing the physical elements of the body and directed itself into fulfilling an addiction which may not ever impose rehab or cancer on you but it can take it’s toll in a variety of others ways that even a queen isn’t exempt from. Time will tell and hopefully she can nab this one before it reaches the star system known as out-of-hand.