Paula White Plastic Surgery

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

White Not So Righteous

The legend that is Paula White plastic surgery exist as only a small part of her attention-grabbing scandal which had begun with her prospect of embezzlement. White is a well-known televangelist, who considers herself a life coach, she is also the former wife of evangelist Randy White. Randy White is at the forefront of the scandals, which he claims that his ex-wife had stolen over 2,000,000 dollars out of his bank account, which was het spending fuel towards the speculate plastic surgical procedures which she had done.

There are several out there who believe that White had acquired the taste for thee drastic procedures as a need to constantly look great in order be an asset to her television show.The show is a huge success and it is getting more popular by the weeks, so that is what really appears to be the culprit. If you look at her before and afters, you can see various things that may have been done under the knife.

“Your future is found in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what others do occasionally!”

Saint to a Sinner

It really looks as if she had cheek implants, Botox, a face lift and lip fillers done in her beauty campaign. By looking at the pics you can see that there has been several changes done over the last decade or so. There are some out there who have cited that she looks as if she isn’t even the same person as she was 10 years ago, in a physical respect and that she looks completely phony now.

One of the worst thoughts to think as well is that when White was supposedly spending all of this embezzled money on her cosmetic endeavors, her step-daughter was suffering from a terminal disease. This right here is one of the catalyst which play a major role in the critics totally falling out of favor with her and even some her fellow evangelist have also had their reservations as well. She had been reported to have been going through a serious depression and that was one of the contributing factors of her surgical spending spree.

Embezzled Botox

The procedures look to have been done relatively well, there are no clear signs of any error or questionable items to report. The Botox looks to have done it’s job well, especially in the forehead where it looks like it was applied, the wrinkles and the fine line have been totally vanquished from that particular region. Her cheeks look much fuller than they used to, so it really does look as if she did have a quality cheek filler procedure taken up.

Next we have a Facial reconstruction and this particular procedure doesn’t quite have the quality as you would expect but there are no real blunders that stick out either. The general appearance of the face was tightened and narrowed a bit but with the right balance instead of going totally thin-faced. Lastly, her lips have received what looks to be lip fillers and the work here had been done very appropriately. They are nice and full minus the overkill and attempt at those fake, trendy lips that the have stars today luckily has been avoided as well.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Cheek Implants
  • Botox
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Lip Fillers

The Fright of White

Paula White plastic surgery went expectedly well but if the allegations are true, it is certainly bothersome as to how she went about getting the procedures. Just the thought of it really affects the mind and pulls at the heart strings if there is definitive truth in the reality of the matter. As they say though, guilty until proven innocent and if it is true, it is indeed a shame.