Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Before and After Photos

She’s a Transformer Alright

The current “it” child. One sexy gal. Megan Fox stands for a lot these days, men want her and men want her. She is that hot. Besides her obvious sex appeal, it helps to star in a few movies that deals with themes guy’s love, favorite world saving talking robots and those gritty, sewer dwelling, crime fighting tortoises. Megan Fox plastic surgery opts for the question, why does a woman, so young and so beautiful at the height of her heyday, need cosmetic anything?
Hopefully we can figure out a few things as we go along.

“I’m not a ‘sexy’ ‘beautiful’ woman. It takes a lot of work to make me look like a girl.”


On May 16, 1986, Megan Fox was born in in Memphis, Tennessee. Fox, at the age of 5, began taking dancing and singing lessons. She kept on improving with her lessons and by the age of 10, her family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. By 13, she added modeling classes to an already impressive list of talents.
By 1999, Fox had pulled in numerous awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention. That sensation of success pushed her to drop out of high school and head the allure of L.A. In a relatively short period of time, Fox got the part in 2001 comedy film,” Holiday in the Sun”, which happened to be headlined by the Olsen Twins.
Fox kept plugging away, grabbing guest spots in television shows, but in 03’ she got a relatively poignant role in the Swede- soap opera,” Ocean Ave”. 2004 was good to Fox, she scored numerous television roles, making a notable appearance in the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. She also had a pretty hefty role in the sitcom “Hope & Faith”. Fox kept putting out quality work, she even got a “Young Artist Awards” nod for Hope and Faith. 05’ proved even bigger when she got a juicy role in the Lindsay Lohan flick ”Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”.

The Breakthrough

2007 was the year. The defining moment of a breakthrough. She won a starring part in the Spielberg-produced blockbuster “Transformers”. Almost instantly, Megan Fox was everywhere, she was the biggest movie star in the world. From then on she was rolling, she got nominated for more awards, and more great parts, leading into 09’ when she starred in the Transformers sequel.
Blockbuster after blockbuster, she couldn’t lose. Fox even got to headline a film in 2009 “Jennifer’s Body”, although it was met with less than savory reception. Since then, She has kept working steady, culminating up to the recent “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”,for which she played the heroine, April O’ Neil.

The Word On The Street

What makes a hottie, queen hottie need plastic surgery? Anybody?…exactly. Let’s try to do a little detective work and maybe we can bring this non-sense to light.

Indeed, So it seems our dear friend Megan has been quite the busy bee. There are numerous things mentioned, procedures galore, bring it on:

(1) If you look at her point A in Tinseltown, when she first arrived, compared to today, there are changes in her appearance that certainly can’t be denied. For a gal as young as she is, there were noticeable wrinkles leading up to a couple years ago that disappeared overnight.

(2) Her cheeks are immensely sharper, her face has retained a rather chiseled look that looks like it could be of an artificial nature,

(3) Her lips look much fuller, which could be the product of some high-test, designer makeup but when you really analyze it, it would seem out of the question.

(4) Her breast area has definitely been raised to a certain degree, certainly more proportioned and balanced, with fit looking cleavage as an added bonus.

(5) Her trademark bump that she had on her nose looks awol, replaced by a nose constructed in the heavens, absolutely brilliant on the part of the doc.

(6) The last thing to note is that the construction of her face seems maybe a bit altered. Her cheekbones look a little elevated but once again, that could be due to some really killer makeup. But it looks awfully superimposed.

Under the Knife Points:

  • Facial reconstruction (unsure)
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox lip injection
  • Breast augmentation

Hollywood Ending for a Hottie

Megan Fox plastic surgery didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense but you can’t complain about the finished product either. The girl got it goin on. Can you explain the whole Brian Austen Green thing?…I might be waiting a while for that answer. But you have to hand it to megan for making a brave call. When putting such valuable assets on the line,feels good with a win and it pays. The doctors stepped up on their A- game, five star deluxe reserve.