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Plastic Surgery Prices List

Plastic surgery prices may prove to be quite heavy on the pocket for most of us who are interested in getting one. Despite the fact that plastic surgery is an expensive procedure, it has became extremely popular in recent times. This is mainly due to the easy access to getting them done, less time involved in getting the desired looks and a yearning to enhance one’s appearance. With so many significant benefits of getting a plastic surgery done, the number of people wanting to get the same has increased considerably. So what are the expenses that one has to incur on enhancing his/her looks with the help of surgical procedures? We bring to you a general estimate of the costs involved in getting a plastic surgery done.

Average Fees of Plastic Surgery

The average fees of the surgeons for making different types of surgeries possible are provided below. These figures have been calculated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons through a survey which they conducted in 2011. These are just average figures and may differ depending on the quality and experience of the surgeons.

Botox $ 365

Face Lift $ 6,426

Rhinoplasty $ 4,422

Breast Augmentation $ 3,678

Butt Augmentation $ 4,129

Total Costs

Apart from the fees of the surgeons given above, the additional costs may amount to 50% or even 100% of the prices given above. The additional costs involve operating room facilities, cost of anaesthetic procedures, the cost of the toxins being used, the prices of the additional instruments (if any) used for special surgeries, etc. therefore, we can infer that the total costs of a cosmetic surgery may become quite unaffordable for the common masses.


In order to make plastic surgeries a bit reasonable for people to go through, there are provisions for getting discounts on the surgeries. These discounts may be availed by getting into mutual understanding with the finance department of the clinic. A major discount which can be looked into by a patient is the one which can be availed by going through several procedures on the same day. Though, it may seem medically unfair, yet one can easily go through several small surgeries at one time and avail a large portion of discount on the total bill. Also, many surgeons offer discounts on proceeding surgeries after you get the first one done from them. This actually creates room for loyal customers to keep visiting the clinic for surgical procedures and other medical treatments involved in a plastic surgery.

Payment Options

Loans- Due to increasing trend of getting plastic surgeries done, there are a number of financial institutions which offer loans for the same. These loans may also be granted by your local banks. Plastic surgeries have become quite common and financial institutions provide loans keeping this changing desire of the people in mind. Though the interest on getting a loan for a plastic surgery may be quite high, yet it eases out your burden of paying the surgeon the total cost of the surgical procedure all at once.


With the advent of e-commerce, there are many sites which provide e-coupons to the people for getting cosmetic surgeries done through some particular clinics mentioned by them. These e-coupons also help to get their customers considerable discounts on multiple surgeries. E-coupons are helpful as they also showcase reviews of the people who have experienced the services provided by the coupon at the clinics mentioned.


A cosmetic surgery gift has become quite popular in the recent times. It actually saves your cost of getting a plastic surgery done as someone else bears it for you. It serves as a perfect gift for the one who has expressed a desire of going through a cosmetic surgery.