Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Ali Lohan Before and After Photos

Like Sister, Like Sister

For the most part, she is well known for her relation to the talented but troubled, Lindsay Lohan but anybody who has ever seen Ali Lohan exude her talents, know she is something more than just somebody’s sister. Because of who this particular sister is, Lohan has had her taste with the scrutiny of the public eye. What the public’s main concern was, did Ali Lohan plastic surgery really happen or is it just another Lohan fiasco?

“I’m proud to be a Lohan, and I will always will be.”

Ali Lohan was born on December 22, 1993 in Long Island. Her early start in modeling at the age of 3, led her into showbiz just like her sister, Lindsay. She soon became quite the established model in her own right and then the acting bug took hold of her, it led her into several TV show appearances and acclaim but her sister’s infamy had unfortunately rubbed off on Ali. So when the speculations over her assumed plastic surgery took place, the Lohan curse was just made that much worse.

Lindsey’s Big Solitary Moment of Integrity

When the rumor mill swung into full gear, the first person to stand up for Ali was none other than her big sister, lindsay. The actress took it to the media and the general sources which played a role in starting these hurtful rumors. Lindsey have vouched to the world that her little sister is nothing short of a natural beauty and the world had clearly made a bad miscall.

Ali’s face had changed quite dramatically and also, at the same time her weight had dropped considerably as well. The element of weight loss can do several things to an individual’s appearance. When the fat is dropped, the face and other aspects of the body sink in more, revealing what some folks could misinterpret as possibly having a connection with cosmetic surgery.

Whatever the reason, her new altered appearance didn’t bode too well in her favor. If you take the time to examine her before and after pics, you will see with much clarity that her previous incarnation was the highlight. Her look was actually teetering on the bizarre. One thing that must be said, is that celebrities in the younger age bracket should usually lay off the multiple procedures for at least a little while longer. More times than not the result will usually end up displaying a 180 on the opposing side of what they originally wanted in the very beginning.

That Sinking Feeling

Her face was not only sunk-in but a tightness which had ensued just didn’t look very healthy or very normal for that matter, so as to what was her original inspiration at the very start, is an answer that only Miss. Lohan can answer.

The other element of her face was in the upper region towards the forehead. It was so tight and pulled in every way that a leather-like texture was visible. It could possibly be that she is a tanning enthusiast but the more her latest pictures are analyzed the more that cosmetic surgery is the likely culprit.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox (Possibly)

When Bombshell Dreams Bomb

Ali Lohan plastic surgery was a case of the misunderstood. was she in a secretive competition with her sister, trying so desperately with every ounce of her being to miraculously appear as a Hollywood Bombshell. The knife can do many things but the impossible somehow still eludes the technology. Maybe someday the impossible can be dealt but for now, when you do reach out for it, understand that their maybe consequences.