most common plastic surgery

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

With the increasing pressure on looking good, there has been a spurt in the techniques to make it possible. Here we bring to you a summarized version of the Most Common Plastic Surgeries resorted to by the masses in the recent times.


Among cosmetic surgeries, Botox is the most common plastic surgery. Botox involves injecting of a toxin called ‘botulinum’ in the epidermis of the skin to get rid of the wrinkles arising out of old age. Facial wrinkles can be easily removed by making the skin a bit more firm with the help of a Botox injection in the area required. Its affordability has made this treatment effortlessly available for the people to go through. Though this type of surgery may involve few side effects, yet there are many positive aspects brought in by it like gaining control on a few voluntary actions that were defectively uncontrollable.

Face Lift

When talking about the most common plastic surgeries, Face Lift procedures cannot be ignored. To avoid the projection of aging, quite a lot of people resort to Face Lifting. By removing excess fat, redraping skin and tightening skin muscles, this surgical procedure helps to get a better and tightened skin. Face Lift is useful for removing excess skin acquired by aging. This procedure has quite a lot of side effects to it as compared to other plastic surgeries but it is being undertaken by the masses in great numbers.

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery has gained popularity iworldwide and is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in recent years. This surgery helps to reconstruct ones nose and make it more angular. The bone and cartilage are reshaped in order to bring about a more desirable look.

Butt Implants

For Butt Implants, solid or semi-solid silicone is used. This provides the buttock a natural feel. It is mainly helpful in improving the contours of the buttocks by giving it a perfectly curved look. Buttocks Augmentation is a little different procedure from Butt Implants. This surgery is taken up to improve the size of the buttocks. This has been made possible by fat transfer by inserting fat tissue in the required area of buttocks for giving a better shape to the same.


Liposuction involves removal of excess fat from the body. This is made possible by vacuuming the fat out of the body with the help of an incision in the area to be treated. It is known to give the body a better shape by carving out the perfect contours of the same. The reshaping helps to mold the body in a perfect manner so as to give it a better outlook.

Eyelid Surgery

Different from Botox procedure, this surgery does not involve removing of wrinkles around the eyes, but helps to get rid of the loosened skin resulting out of aging. With time the skin around the eyelids gets relaxed to become a bit baggier. This can be treated by getting an eyelid surgery, also called Blepharoplasty, done.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation or boob job is used for enhancing the size of breasts. Being a cosmetic surgery, this procedure has come to be quite popular among women in order to make their bodily curves projective and impressive. For Breast Augmentation, saline or silicone- gel base is used. The saline or silicone tissue is placed between the breast tissue and chest muscles. This makes the curves look more symmetric and well-shaped.

These plastic surgeries have become considerably popular with their easy access and affordability. Though, these surgeries may involve risks and side-effects, yet they are taken up by people in large numbers with the growing trend of enhanced appearances.