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Holden on to Youth

In Britain, she is the judge. A judge for a similar style show as America’s “The Voice”, and she has been assuming that same role since 2009. Amanda Holden is a beautiful woman, the eyes do not betray you and that is a big reason why she stands where she does.Talent is one thing but to make it to the big stage you have to incorporate a little physical. Amanda Holden plastic surgery will focus in on the little window of time that Holden’s life became the centerpiece to a whole lot of finger pointing.

“I don’t care who or what judges me, nothing’s going to stop me from living my life how I choose.”

Amanda Holden was born February 16, 1971. Her career as a television personality has been considerably good for her and judging by the rate of things, she still has a lot of time to continue doing what she’s doing. Since the early days though, by her co-hosting the famous Blind Date show, she figured out where she wanted to go and from there it opened up an amazing amount of opportunity, especially in television.

Did She?

When the talent show was at it’s peak, that is when the fingers started to point in Holden’s direction. The public was certain that the only way that she has been able to keep that radiant look of hers is only by utilizing plastic surgery procedures.

Amanda is 44 years old and her face was as youthful as it was when she first began. She did however, admit to partaking in Botox a few years back after she and a few others noticed that her wrinkles were starting to show on her face, so it was advised by her manager to remove them.

As of late, there have been some signs that maybe Holden might back to using Botox apparently once again. This time though, she has taken the stage and has adamantly refused any such thing. Even though there were some changes in Holden that looked a little unnatural, it is just a hard call, all the way around. She then later kept on was saying that all celebrities use a procedure of some kind and that she isn’t excluded from that list.

Facelift or not to Facelift?

Other details had also come out where she may have employed a face lift. Individuals who were closely associated with the Botox rumor have come forward with their theories on particular features in her face that point to it. There have been some who have jumped on the bandwagon but as a whole, the crowd appears to be in favor of Holden.

These particular claims which she had denied profusely combined with the latest addition of the face lift rumor, her intensity level went out the roof. The situation has appeared to die down a little and everything has gone back to normal, for the most part that is.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Facial Reconstruction

What Did She Really Do?

Amanda Holden plastic surgery is toughie, because the reality of the situation didn’t steer one way or the other, so it can leave a less satisfying feeling when you are looking at it from story aspect. These stories never end though, they are always open for new updates and the little intangibles that can make or break the final outcome.