park min young plastic surgery

Park Min-Young Before and After Pics

Park Min-Young is a highly talented and beautiful actress hailing from South Korea. The roles she is most well known for television series “Sunkyunkwan Scandal” and “City Hunter” both of which are South Korean shows. Even though she is a natural beauty in her own right, it has been documented that Park Min Young plastic surgery was performed. Min-Young is another great example of how competitive show business can be because the fact is that she is already beautiful but because of the current challenges between budding actresses, the need to be more beautiful comes into action.

“I was young and so eager to make some money as well as get exposed and show my talent.”

Park Min-Young – Mini-biography

Park Min-Young wa born in Seoul, South Korea on March 4th, 1986. Her big break into the biz came when she got to star in a SK Telecom commercial. Things would quickly progress for her from there when she go to be in the the mega-hit television program “Unstoppable High Kick!”. She successfully continued for several years in television dramas working in shows like “I Am Sam” then she moved on to appear in the period drama film “Ja Myung Go”. Things really broke out for her when in 2009 she got a role in the widly popular drama “Sungkyunkwan Kwan”. Currently Miss. Min-young stars in the legal drama “A New Leaf”

Speculation of Plastic Surgery

Numerous mainstream media and blogs began reporting on the physical changes that Min-Young appeared to have and all signs point to plastic surgery. When referencing her before and after pictures you can see visible difference in her jawline but the reports are that is more refined, very beautiful, subtle with the appropriate angle changes to adjust to the new setting. Min-young has also appeared to have a newer opening of her eyes as well. Word is though that her eyes look stunning and even have more of a “western look” opposed to her natural Asian look. Surprisingly she has claimed that years ago in middle school she had eye surgery done. Hopefully, this latest surgery did the trick and by the sound of it, they have done remarkable job.


It appears that she had a Blepharoplasty for her eyes. Then it sounds like she got an augmentation of the jaw. Plus it looks like she maybe got some light facial rejuvenation in her face but nothing to extreme. The work on her eyes appears to be a Double Eyelid Procedure which has made her eyes larger and more beautiful, if that’s possible.

Plastic Surgery is a Personal Choice

There is nothing at all wrong with plastic surgery, it is a personal freedom of choice what one decides for their own body. Plastic surgery is a very common operation in South Korea. They have very high standards on appearances there and many alter themselves to accommodate those standards. Park Min Young plastic surgery visibly went very well for her and maybe this was the boost she might think she needs to continue at the top of the acting game. Her surgery has brought even more beauty upon an already beautiful women, so it will interesting to see how she fares now. Her huge fan base have been big supporters of her decision, mainly because she chose to be very open about it. Those are just some of the reasons why they adore her.