Rumer Willis plastic surgery

Rumer Willis Before and After Photos

It’s only just Rumer’s

When you are the offspring of a former power couple of A-list movie stars in Hollywood it can most definitely have its advantages. Such is the case with the daughter of Demi Moore & Bruce Willis. First off you can’t think of Rumer as any kind of freeloader or even a coattail rider because she has made some valiant efforts in making a name for her self in her own right. The first order of business though, is to increase your odds by throwing your name in that giant bowl of raffle tickets they call the Hollywood star system. So really, in a way it does help to have famous parents, odds increased 20%. The other way to bulk up the odds is by having your name picked in the raffle is having really good connections to a plastic surgeon and his little knife. Through the trusty messengers of our media, Rumer Willis plastic surgery went according to plans.

“I would never want the responsibility of being the prettiest girl on screen; it’s too much.”

This is How Rumer’s Get Started

Rumer Willis was born August 16, 1989 in Paducah, Kentucky while her father, Bruce was on location for his film “In Country”. She was raised in the spotlight elusive Hailey, Idaho where her family has a home. She eventually enrolled at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan but a year later she enterd The Wildwood Secondary School before eventually landing at the University Of California, only to drop out. By the stroke of a little help she joined her mother in the 1995 film “Now and Then”. Being a natural…ly related to big movie stars, her next film was also beside her mother in the very family oriented 1996 film “Striptease”. Soon she eventually got the chance to join, Mr. faboulas himself Bruce in his two films “The Whole Nine Yards” and “Hostage” in the early to mid 2000’s.

A Chin Only Fitting For Mt. Rushmore

So the Rumer is…did I really go there? It looks like speculations about her date with the knife were more than just that, Those reliable and pesky before and after pictures fully back up those queries with a refined ease. Now, Rumors chin prior to plastic surgery could have given Jay Leno a run for his money and by just the mere presence of sympathy alone, you really can’t blame her. Suggestions obviously show that her “generously” sized, rough, U-shaped chin was lowered and smoothed down. There is also word of a change in her bottom lip, which naturally was related to her chin work and a thanks impart to the merits of only speculation, there is mentioning of a little added benefits to her breast. The girl apparently went out and got er’ done.

KNIFE POINTS: Nitty gritty plastic surgery procedure fact sheet

– Chin Lift: This was for certain the focal point of Rumers Inspired trip to the doc.

– Lip Augmentation: A procedure that is solely related as being the protocol to chin lifts..

– Breast Augmentation: The implantation of the breast, Might as well while you’re there right?

Rumer most certainly did receive the five star treatment, the doc did very good. Not all rendezvous with the knife end in despair and shattered mirrors and just by looking at her upcoming film credits, it appears that she may have a fruitful career ahead of her. If just by the chance she has any of that fruit to spare, I’m sure her mom wouldn’t mind a litte kick back. In the truest form of all honesty, Rumer Willis plastic surgery was a good call provided by and only by instincts. Sure, no matter which way you “slice” it, vanity always plays a role but in the sensitive case of Miss. Willis, you had the nation backing you up on this one. Job well done girl!