Olivia Newton-John plastic surgery

Olivia Newton-John Before and After Photos

Hopelessly Devoted to Olivia

During the late 70’s, America had their sweetheart. Australian actress Olivia Newton John’s turn in the mega-hit film “Grease” instantly took this relative unknown and placed her on that coveted, sacred A-list in the same company of our greatest movie stars. She was innocent and she was sweet but as the miles of life drifted back in to the rear-view, like so many stars a decision was set in place.As is stands today, four time Grammy winner Olivia Newton-John plastic surgery work was the product of tabloid misinformation, well, to her anyway. Even though her face had shown the obvious drastic changes one associates with plastic surgery, her denial remains cool and unflinching. The work of her surgeon was impeccable and if anything defends her case, you can thank him.

“I’m happy, and I think being happy keeps you looking young.”

You’re The One That We Want!

Newton-John was born in Cambridge, England but at the age of six she emigrated with her family to Melbourne, Australia. An interest in performing as a singer soon she would occupy her talents at local coffee shops and similar venues in town. She had then entered and won a singing contest on a local television show which had soon strung together the normal chain of events that open an entrance into the horizon of stardom. She signed a record deal with Decca, produced a few hit singles and then a couple top selling albums. The attention she garnered from her music had her standing at the front gate of Paramount Pictures. The soon to be iconic role of Sandy Olsson in the 1977 hit film “grease”, starring opposite John Travolta became the catalyst of her household name. Her presence would remain in the spotlight through the following decades in part of which spawned her career defining mega-hit song “Physical”. In 1992 she was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer, however she fought a hard battle that ultimately made her a proud survivor of the disease.

Summer Nights of Speculations

In 2013, even though her star dust had been worn off for quite sometime, she reemerged back into the spotlight with a focus and speculation in the possibility of cosmetic surgery being completed. Loud and sudden signs of change were noticed in the region of the face and neck. Some comments were made of her appearance being that of “unrecognizable” and even the hasty “plastic surgery addiction” bomb was dropped. Her lips and cheeks looked a little too nourished with vitality and she also sported the glow that is typically associated with the plastic surgery variety.

Showing “Physical” Signs of Plastic Surgery

What really seems clear to the masses concerned is the obviousness of a face lift, forehead lift, brow lift and blepharoplasty. The jawline was tight and smooth as was her face. Her lips looked puffy, pouty and new, an assumed product of a recent dermal lip injection and implants. By scanning through some of her older pictures you can then see the changes that are undeniable. The real indicator came in the form of puffy eyes, which for anybody who is even remotely aware of the signs knows it spells recent work.

Silence Not So Golden For Us

On her front, Olivia Newton John plastic surgery is simply just a masterwork of fiction and gossip. At this point in time, it’s looking like maybe when hell is suppose to do that freezing thing is when she may start filling us in on everything. One notable item that simply jumps out at you by sheer bewilderment and confusion is that she claimed her transformation and precipitous redemption of youth is the mere product of a balanced nutritional diet, exercise and of course, good family genes. Did she just? Come on Olivia, we all weren’t born yesterday and neither were you!