kim hyun joong plastic surgery

Kim Hyun Joong Before and After Photos

Kim Hyun Joong is a celebrated South Korean rapper, actor and entertainer. He was the main rapper in the boy band group SS501. He was also the leader of that band before launching a solo music career in 2010, recording with KeyEast Studios. He has produced two mini-albums with KeyEast, “Lucky” and “Break Down”, both of which have made huge sales in Korea and abroad.
As an actor, he is best known for his role in the Korean TV Drama “Boys over Flowers”, where he was the lead actor. His role helped him win many awards both locally and internationally. He also starred in ‘Playful Kiss’ among other movies. In 2009, Kim was the winner of the Seoul International Drama Award.
Kim’s celebrity life has not been altogether unmarred. He has been faced with court cases after his girlfriend filed assault charges against him earlier in 2014. Kim denied the charges, and then later pleaded guilty to only one of four counts. He said that he had hit his Girlfriend, but only once.

‎”I promise to show an improved image each time I greet my fans .”

Plastic Surgery Claims

Suspicions on Kim’s look started a bit earlier when photos of him revealed some slight changed in his general looks. Although there are no drastic changes in his face, a closer look at Kim will reveal a smaller, sharper nose. Being a handsome actor by any standard, many people seem rather surprised that he had to do any surgery to enhance his looks at all, especial after having already made a successful career as an actor and a musician, and with all the acclaim he got about his boyish good looks.

Kim’s Nose Job

Before and after photos of Kim show a transformed nose. His nose seems to have been reduced to a smaller size and it seems to have a sharper tip. This can only be a result of Rhinoplasty. Casually referred to as a nose job, Rhinoplasty is an operation done to alter the shape and size of someone’s nose in sync with the rest of the face.

Kim’s Confession

Kim himself has confessed doing a Rhinoplasty to alter his nose. Speaking on popular TV talk show “Knee Drop Guru”, Kim quickly admitted that he had visited a plastic Surgeon to do some “finishing touches” on his nose. However, he was quick to defend himself, saying that he had been forced to have an operation on his nose anyway. He said that, years ago, he had broken his nose after being hit by a stone, and that he had actually gone to fix the problem and decided to do “a little nose job”
As far as plastic surgery stories go, this is a very strange one indeed.  His explanation notwithstanding, the confession did give the story a whole different twist.

Kim’s Surgery Results

The nose-job has had a good effect on Kim’s appearance. His nose, which is thinner and more pointed at the tip, looks more subtle. The general effect is that he actually looks younger, more expressive and more handsome. Of course, being an idol in the Korean entertainment industry, he wants to look as good as possible. And it is fair to say that this surgery has really done him some justice.