Mila Kunis Nose Job

Mila Kunis Nose Job Before and After Photos

Still considered a young actress, even though she has been gracing the spotlight for several years now, Mila Kunis, as of now is an A-lister and a darn fine one at that. Her big break began in “That 70’s Show” and from there, she has made her mark on the silver screen in Quite the big way. Aside from her various projects, which seem ample these days, there has also been plastic surgery talk revolving the recent changes which were spotted in her nasal area. People firmly believe by some evidence found in recent photos that Mila Kunis nose job was done to enhance the one element of her face that never quite appeared in unison with the rest of her face.

Mila had been questioned about these brewing speculations and she also made it clear that she truly hates the sight of needles and how they feel when they are used. She said though that maybe in about 10 years or so she may just change her mind about plastic surgery. Even though she appears relatively opposed to the idea of a procedure, that doesn’t stop the naysayers in the regards to how they feel about her answer of not getting any surgery.

She Speaks

Kunis became very verbal, as it really seems to strike a chord with her and she said, “People have the interpretation of what you’re supposed to be like,” They obviously interpret Kunis is as an individual who would undergo a Rhinoplasty. The word is so far is that the work apparently had come out pretty good but time will tell how it does when it is completely healed up.

She was also quoted as saying, “If you are interesting and are overweight, you need to have a great personality If you are interesting, then you do not have to be the nicest person .. People are always surprised that I was relaxed but not necessarily stupid.”

In the other light, Kunis will change her appearance for any role that looks worthy and something that will satisfy her creative needs. She even has said that when she was filming the movie “Black Swan” her body still felt like it hadn’t recovered. She made a point of saying “When I was down to 95 kg, my muscles, like a small brick house, but skin and bones. When I get back, he went into areas that are completely different … All the weight of the left breast I went to my side hip, my stomach. ”

A Great Work Indeed

As far as her recently speculated procedure goes, the look is of a more thinned out nature and that the bridge especially looks to have been crimped and then smoothed down. A great work overall was done on the actress.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty

A New Nose for the Spotlight

Mila Kunis nose job looks great and the people are convinced for a reason because with changes like that, something most certainly was done to it. Her new look is ready for the closeup and that is a fact. So, what will be the first project in which Mila introduces her new nose in? Guess we’ll see.