Kellie Pickler Boob Job

Kellie Pickler Boob Job Before and After Pictures

When a celebrity’s breasts get bigger in such a short amount of time as they did for Kellie Pickler, it can make the public begin to wonder. What they wonder about is if she is a recent recipient of a plastic surgery procedure. Pickler had just recently returned to the “American Idol” stage and the audience in the auditorium and the viewers watching their TV’s were humbly surprised to see that she must have grown at least a couple cup sizes in what seemed to be a matter of months. So is Kelly Pickler boob job the truth or is it a matter of fiction?

“You should never doubt yourself because you never, ever know what’s around the corner.”

The world really got a better opinion when she was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and just by the camera angle, you could really see a difference in her bosom region. He even looked down at her breast area and when he looked it wasn’t a gaze of admiration but it was a gaze of surprise.

The Before and After Pic’s

The attention had some folks create some before and after pics which were specifically made because of the hype and the transitions which were done really did show a significant change. It left pickler in a position where she likely had to say at least something in that direction but it she never said a word edgewise. She in a way let the people decide if she had employed a procedure or not.

The public made up their mind really quick and the speculation races went into full throttle and it shoved Pickler into the media buzz whirlpool. She surprisingly made a remark that she actually appreciated all of the attention that she was getting and by the looks of it, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to let the public wonder.

Honesty Not Always the Case

There is really one thing that wins the fans over in the long run and it is that honesty is the best policy. The fans love it when a celebrity comes out and admits that they have acquired plastic surgery instead of beating around the bush or lie about it.

It would naturally be a foolish thing to assume that Pickler hadn’t gone under the knife but there are also other factors that go into the bosom enlarging like weight and pregnancy, She never gained any weight really and she certainly wasn’t pregnant.

Soaring Popularity

Her popularity soared after the word got out so it is really starting to look like it was a good idea. After everything had gone on she really thought she would have been totally disliked but that wasn’t the case. Her acclaim has reached a whole new level simply because of never admitting that she likely had gotten breast implants.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Implants

New Found Glory

Kellie Pickler boob job was one of the first cases where a star neglected to admit that they had gotten a procedure when how they appeared completely says a different story. Who knows what will be in store for the talented actress but she has a newfound fanbase that will boost all of her new prospects from now on.